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Brainfeed Talks With Hiten Gautam About His COVID-19 Control Device Ultrasonic Sensor

Hiten Gautam

Hiten Gautam, a fifth-grade student of Modern Public School, New Delhi, came up with an ultrasonic sensor that buzzes whenever somebody breaks their social distancing protocol. In conversation with Brainfeed, Hiten shares some interesting excerpts about his invention that helps to encourage social distancing and stop COVID-19 infection.

Can you explain your invention to our readers?

A: I have made a device with the help of an ultrasonic sensor which can help to maintain social distancing between two people. If the distance between two people is less than one hand distance, the sensor will receive a signal, the buzzer will give a beep sound and finally the LED will glow to indicate that the safe zone has been breached.

 What really made you feel the necessity of this device?

A: The COVID-19 crisis made me think out-of-the-box to come up with this idea. This device would not only help maintain Social Distancing but also has the potential to lessen the cases around the country.


“If the distance between two people is less than one hand distance, the sensor will receive a signal, the buzzer will give a beep sound.”


Who taught you the nitty-gritty of coding? What was the journey of learning coding like?

A: My journey of coding has been very amazing when I look back on it. I thank all my mentors and my parents, who stood beside me and supported me. I will also take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to my Principal, Alka Kapur, whose words have been a constant source of inspiration for me .

Last but not the least, I would like to thank the ATL lab of Modern Public School, for giving me a platform to turn my dreams into a reality. The journey started from my school ATL lab, wherein, with the help of my guide Sarika Grover, I was introduced to the basics of Coding at this early age. I have also learnt a lot through interactions with my seniors while they were learning Coding in ATL lab and working hard to make projects for various ATL activities. The whole atmosphere of  the school helped me a lot.


“I have utilized my summer break and lockdown period for my project.”


What challenges did you face in developing the machine? 

A: I faced many challenges while measuring the accurate distance through sensors. I did a lot of research on its accuracy. Eventually, through my online interactions and mentorship from my teachers, I could come up with a proper solution.

Hiten, online classes must be pretty tiring? How did you manage studies, learn coding and work on this invention?

A: I have utilized my summer break and lockdown period for my project. I was inspired by my seniors when I saw them on Modern Public School’s Facebook page. So I felt like making a device with ultrasonic sensors which could help maintain social distancing reduce the chances of infection. I have tried it. It is working and giving alerts as well.

Will this machine be available for sale any soon?

A: It is just a prototype, on which, I would be doing further improvisations to improve its practical benefits.

Are you looking forward to such similar projects?

A: Yes! Thanks to my school, we are constantly exposed to creative platforms. Now that AI is the new normal language, I’m thinking about learning advanced coding for the betterment of my prototype towards identifying potential carriers of the COVID-19 strain.

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