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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Brainly Survey: 51% of Indian students find it difficult to learn science concepts without live teacher’s support

Brainly Survey

Brainly is the world’s largest online learning platform, uniting over 350M students, parents, and teachers every month, with over 55M users from India alone. Brainly offers its users help with their academic problems and free knowledge exchange between the learners and helpers. It takes students from ‘questioning’ to ‘understanding’ in a fun, interactive world that celebrates learning. With a unique peer-to-peer learning model, Brainly has in place a Q&A platform where students and parents can connect with subject experts as well as fellow learners to strengthen their skills from math to science, history, and beyond.

Brainly has registered remarkable progress in India, witnessing a Y-o-Y growth rate of over 100% and expanding to a user-base of 55M+. The platform has been leveraging its insights gathered from the Indian education landscape to diversify its knowledge base into regional languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, and Bengali in a bid to make its content accessible to a wider populace.

Brainly envisions creating a level-playing field to enable students from all backgrounds to access the platform and its built-in support system. The platform believes that empowerment is crucial to education, and encourages students to take ownership of and be responsible for their learning, thus adding value to their experience. It strives to create a safe and nurturing space for students where students can shine, celebrate being smart and curious, motivate and be motivated, hone their social skills, and develop a sense of self-worth as well as belonging. In essence, Brainly has been challenging the status quo by encouraging students to go above and beyond and seek to better themselves in an environment of trust, respect, and inclusion.

Brainly strives to make only authentic and accurate questions and answers accessible to students and has in place a three-layered quality check comprising algorithms, moderators, and a self-moderating community among the user-base. A variety of active teachers, retired educators, and high-achieving students who have a track record on the site account for the moderators, who are there to ensure that every piece of content is in-line with Brainly’s guidelines. It operates on an ad-supported freemium monetization model, with its subscription plan Brainly+ facilitating unlimited access, more in-depth explanations, and ad-free roll-out of new features, among others.

Brainly is the brainchild of Michał Borkowski, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The platform is designed to help—it intends to facilitate a natural approach to academic problems and to extend the learning environment beyond the classroom, thus enabling students to delve deeper in both subjects that they are struggling with and subjects that they are passionate about. It aspires to be the students’ ‘biggest cheerleaders’ by encouraging them to always question, wonder, explore, and embrace their keenness. In fact, the platform has observed an increased inquisitiveness of over 83%, indicating how it is boosting their curiosity, confidence, and ultimately, their potential and performance.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Kraków, Poland, and New York City, Brainly was among the pioneers in the global EdTech scenario and has now established its stature as one of the most promising and fastest-growing companies in the space. With core emphasis on ‘education for all’, the platform has been instrumental in addressing the education need-gap and making learning accessible through its highly effective resources. Brainly registers over 150mn unique monthly users from 35 countries across the globe, including the US, Poland, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, and Turkey, among others.

Within just a decade since its inception, Brainly has successfully raised upto USD 150mn in multiple funding rounds. Starting with $9M Series-A round led by General Catalyst in October 2014, the platform expanded operations into the US. In 2016 and 2017, Brainly raised over $15M + $14M in Series-B, led by Naspers and Kulczyk Investments. The platform used these funds to double down on its growth in the US, including expansion of its US team and opening of an office in the heart of NYC. The Series-C round was also led by Naspers in 2019, totaling up to $30M. And, recently Brainly raised $80M in Series D Round led by U.S.-based Learn Capital and received participation from Prosus Ventures as well as General Catalyst Partners along with the platform’s existing investors, which the platform plans to leverage to supplement its continual growth and expansion of knowledge-base and contributors, laying special emphasis on its most important markets such as the US and India.

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