‘Branding’ as a critical aspect for schools

India has several schools that offer varied range of facilities to make learning a student-friendly process. Every year, thousands of private schools are mushrooming in every corner of the nation. This is creating a competitive environment where every school management wants to reach the maximum number of parents who want the best quality of education for their child. Thus marketing and branding becomes an important aspect for schools nowadays among many other duties.

‘Brand’ of one’s school depends on how the people experience that school and this creates the identity of the respective school in the community. The society gets to perceive what the school does and the quality of education provided there. Thus, having a positive image or Branding is critical for the school to attract and retain students as well as staff (academic and non-academic). It is rightly noted that parents today shop for schools rather than searching them.

Here are some ways through which school management can build a positive brand image to make them the immediate choice on parents’ list of school search:

Brand Consistency:

In this digital era, having a well-designed and managed website is paramount. Websites are the first place where parents, interested-to-join teachers or other staffs will visit to learn about the school and other research while selecting a school. Providing the stakeholders with consistent brand experience like logos, campus images, events, workshops etc through social media will enhance the schools visibility and represent professionalism.

Up-to-date Materials and Message:

It is very important to showcase and highlight the areas where the school excels. This will help the students and their parents understand how the school is unique and different from the rest. The marketing message on the website or social media should do justice to the school and capture all the key aspects to reflect a positive image. Creating a brief and statement for the school that conveys why one should choose your school is a great way. This can be done by collaborating with existing parents, teachers, and students.

This can be done with the marketing materials too where homepage, social media, mobile app, teacher pages, news releases, department pages, and calendars are up-to-date and incorporating a milestone page with proper infographics and images can improve your game.

Increase engagement and attractiveness:

To click with the modern students’ psyche and attract the parents’ attention incorporate proper images, interactive options, and content that captures the emotions of both. Keep updating these photos weekly and offer a photo library on the website that would speak of the successes, achievements and activities of the school.

Using Videos for effective marketing:

Video messages on the website and all kinds of social media platforms are a great way to influence the viewer’s choice to select your school over the other. Short, authentic video messages that connect and engage the viewers and keeping them short also makes them easily shareable. Tell a story about your school, any milestone achieved or a student’s success story in a two minute video.

Promote and offer two-way communication:

Make use of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Use these technologies and tool to communicate with the target audience in a better way. They allow two-way communication which segregate what the parents are looking for in the first place. Acquire new followers steadily by linking your website with your social media posts.

Go Mobile:

Almost 90% adults in India use smartphone and have a steady internet access. This makes it important for your website to be visible on the phone screen. Making the website easily accessible on-the-go will increase the viewership and reach more audience.

Some schools upscale their game by investing in a mobile app which provides easy access to school info to the parents, wherever they may be. This also helps teachers, students, and parents get up-to-date information on school activities, holidays, sporting events, grades, attendance and weather alerts, workshops, PTMs, etc.

These can be some of the ways to help reach out more to the parents, students, teachers and job seekers.

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