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Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri, New Delhi

Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri, New Delhi

Name of the School               :         Cambridge School

Board                                        :         CBSE

Type                                          :         Day School

Address                                    :         Swami Pranavanand Marg, Ring Road, Srinivaspuri, New Delhi 110065

Classes                                     :         Nursery –  XII Grade

About the School :

Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri is an institution where students are empowered to learn in their own way and find their destiny. School is the child’s first contact with the world, a place to learn, make friends, discover interests, and participate in a collaborative activity as well as healthy competition. It is not just airy classrooms, the library, laboratories or the large fields that make a school but it is in the minds and hearts of the students and staff that the true institution exists. 
Brainfeed School Excellence Award Category  :
1. Excellence in Academics,
2. Excellence in Inspirational Leadership,
3. Excellence in Safety and Security,
4. Excellence in Life Skill Education
Source: School website
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