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In talk with Pavan Allena, 24, Founder of Metamorphosis

Q. How the idea of Metamorphosis come about?

Metamorphosis started from July 2017 with aim of enabling entrepreneurial ecosystems in the schools and colleges. Before, I’ve had a firm called Fleetalytics – which is a school bus tracking solutions. The kind of questions students used to ask surprised me and made me realize to introduce entrepreneurship as a course from the school level. Initially, we had a 4 member team and 20 students going through the course of entrepreneurship.

Q. What is your current market valuation and do you plan to go international?

Currently we are valued at $8M with a team size of 21 and user base of 25,000+ students. We are planning to go global in 2020 by conducting several global networking events for schools as a go to market strategy.

Q. What we lack in our education system in terms of global ranking?

Our existing curriculums are still not bridging the gap between current industry requirements and skills that students should gain. Teachers should be trained on the current scenario of the industry and make them to realize the need for skill set that is required to sustain in the 21st century.

We collaborate with Govt bodies and share the curriculums and teaching methodologies to reach out to the students who are economically backward

Q. How you are helping students and researchers from poor financially background?

Collaborated with Govt bodies and share the curriculums and teaching methodologies to reach out to the students who are economically backward as well. We have taken Mahabubnagar district in Telangana state and started empowering entrepreneurial skill set to all the government degree colleges. This leads to imbibing entrepreneurial skill set to more than 5000 students.

Q. Based on current job scenario, do you think we can accommodate more engineers and MBA grads based on market demand?

Due to increased automation, the machines have started competing with humans. This will definitely lead to decrease in the market demand for human resources for jobs. So, unless students sync with trend based skills, it’s difficult for anyone to acquire a job. The students should start transforming their mindset from job seekers to job creators and create more demand to avoid the situation of no available vacancies.


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