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CBSE Releases Class 10 Sample Papers of All Subjects with Solutions

The CBSE has released sample papers of all the subjects for class 10 board exams so that students can practice the new format with MCQs, along with the solutions. There has been change in the exam pattern from this academic year and students should get accommodated with the new pattern.

The CBSE class 10 board exams for term 1 are scheduled to be held in November-December 2021, for which student must be prepared to solve the new exam structure and gauge the difficulty level of questions. They should understand the questions carefully and get adjusted with the new pattern.

Moreover, the new exam pattern is bit confusing for the students and teachers, as board mentioned that term-end exam will be of 40 marks, with 40 MCQs type questions but some subjects paper have up to 50 questions. However, the board insist that students should focus on the new exam format and understand the questions properly rather than fussing about the number of questions or marks per question.

Students must practice sample papers as many times as possible, to perform well in the board exams 2021-2022. Students appearing for the exams must solve these new sample papers with MCQs to gain confidence and assuage their fear for board exams.

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