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CBSE schools to exchange resources from July

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced to launch ‘Hubs of Learning’ initiative for all the affiliated schools. 4 to 6 CBSE schools in the same vicinity will be grouped under Hubs of Learning or HoL.

The board has created a portal for schools to find out which Hub of Learning they have been assigned to. Mandatory for all affiliated schools, this initiative will be implemented by July 2019.

As per the official circular released by the board, “The schools in the same vicinity would form a collaborative partnership. They would share and exchange resources for holistic development of not just the school but the HoL as a whole.”

The circular further states that the schools would share manpower (teachers), infrastructure (sports grounds, laboratory’s, etc.) as well as experience and learnings. The activities would include interchange of academic material, co-planning the curriculum, organizing quizzes and exhibitions, etc. The schools would also be required to share the information and expertise regarding annual pedagogical plans/curriculum plans and transaction strategies, learning outcomes, innovative pedagogy, etc. with each other, which in turn would lead to the adoption of the best practices.

Furthermore, all the CBSE schools would organize joint teacher developmental programs for the HoL. Schools would also cooperate with each other to ascertain and assign resources in the area of educational and school-related needs of Children with Special Needs. HoL’s would also be collaborating with the industry for skill development courses for the teachers.

For smooth operation of this initiative, the Board would identify one of the CBSE schools as the ‘Lead Collaborator’ on the basis of its performance in the CBSE Results. It would be the duty of the Lead Collaborator to get the schools in the neighbourhood on board the HoL. They would also be the point of contact and communication for the HoL. This is a rotational position and would keep changing every two years. Schools can, at the end of two years, however, choose to continue with the same Lead Collaborator.


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