Celebrate a Safer Diwali with the innovative initiative by Aptech Montana International Preschool

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Aptech Montana International Pre School is happy to share some exciting and fun filled activities and tips to spend some quality time with your children this Diwali.

Our favourite festival is around the corner, it’s time to exchange sweets, decorate our homes with lights and diya’s with a hope that light could win over darkness. With all our little wonders at home, we need plethora of activities to keep them occupied and at the same time strengthen the relation of love, bonding and accelerate affection and appreciation in them.

Let’s get started and make Diwali more Creative.

Bring some Light with Diya decoration.


  • Earthen Diya’s or lamp
  • Watercolours
  • Marker
  • Brushes
  • Decorative Items
  • Gum


Dip a paint brush in any colour of your choice and paint the Diya. Allow the paint to dry.

Parents can use a marker to mark the spot where children can stick decorative items or glitter with gum. Decorative items can include studs, glitter, smiles, pears and many more.

Developmental Domains:- This activity will help in developing imagination, creativity, enthusiasm to explore, pincer grip, cognitive skills as they will learn the name of colours and enhance emotional bonding with parents.

Make Rangoli Naturally Colourful with Flowers

Materials: Colourful flowers and chalk


Parents with the help of a chalk can create a design on the floor and children can decorate it with colourful flowers (flowers can be whole or shredded) on the design. Parent can use different types of leaves to decorate the pattern.

Developmental Domains:-  Children will develop cognitive skills learn about different flowers, aesthetic sense, creativity, colour coordination skills, mathematical skills of shapes and patterns and scientific temper where children learn about concept of flowers and leaves.

Hold your Diyas with Colourful Holders

Materials: Old CD, paint, brush, glue and decorative material


Child can use paint and brush to cover the upper side of a CD, gum and decorate it with decorative materials like pearls, studs, laces, glitter and glitter cello tapes.

Developmental Domains: – The children in this activity will develop creativity, space relations, mathematical skills of patterns and figures, cognitive skills of naming colours and objects, aesthetic and artistic skills.

Treat everyone with Fuljhadi Chocolate

Materials: Dark chocolate, condensed milk, bread stick, gems, grounded nuts


Parents can melt the chocolate on a double boiler add condensed milk. Children can stir the mixture,

dip a bread stick or a Choco-stick and decorate it with gems or grounded nuts as given in the picture and freeze.

Developmental Domain:-  Children will develop math skills of adding, measurement, quantity, confidence, making healthy choices, responsibility, language skills, scientific skills of wet and dry and enhance emotional bonding.

Send Warm Wishes with Handmade Diwali Card

Materials: Chart paper, colours, pencils, colourful thread like orange and red or glitter can be used to make flames


Use A4 size chart paper, parents or children can draw a figure as shown in the image colour it and use glitter on the flames to show the sparkling effect and send the card to all the near and dear ones.

Developmental Domain:- It helps in developing creativity, language development, space relationship while drawing figures and shapes, mathematical skills of big- small, long- short, up-down, length and team work.

Let us make Diwali more Meaningful

  • Diwali is a festival of joy and light It is more about the spirit of giving & spreading happiness than receiving. You can make this Diwali special for disadvantaged people by distributing gifts and sweets to the needy. This Diwali let us all pledge to eliminate the darkness in the lives of these children and fill it with the light of joy and hope
  • Take children out shopping, let them understand the process of earning and sensible spending
  • Train them to be courteous with all the vendors they encounter from Diya sellers to shop owners
  • Involve children in cleaning, decoration of the house, making Diya’s, Rangoli, cards, and sweets that will create a festive feeling and inculcate good values
  • Show them the videos on how and why we celebrate Diwali. Keep the communication alive and answer to all their queries patiently, children are curious learners so quenching their thirst for knowledge is important
  • Note down emergency numbers like doctors, fire station, and police station in case of emergency
  • Make children wear cotton clothes when they go down to play with fireworks. Covered arms and legs are better. However, make sure sleeves or clothes are not loose. For the girls, pin the dupattas behind so that it does not catch fire accidentally
  • Keep first Aid kit handy in case of minor injury.

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