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Chandigarh receives 89.07 Crore from MHRD for Improving Education in the UT


The Chandigarh administration has been allocated Rs 80.07 crore from the Ministry of Human Resource Development to invest in elementary, secondary and senior secondary schools and teachers’ training, skill development and education.

Elementary level will witness an investment of Rs 83.50 crore, Rs 5.25 will be furnished for secondary and senior secondary education while teachers’ education will receive total funding of 24.5 lakh. Utilisation of funds into Right to Education (RTE), gender and equity, teachers’ remuneration, vocational education, quality intervention and sports and physical education will boost the entire education sector.

“Now we have enough funds to utilise for various areas in school education,” commented Rubinderjeet Singh Brar, Director of School Education, Chandigarh.

The Union Territory of India had previously affirmed adding 5,000 additional seats for students migrating from private to government schools.

“We are working out the details of a special admission campaign. We may set up an online centralized platform for a few schools with low enrollment. Parents will be able to shortlist three schools,” in a statement by Brar.

In the total 114 government schools in Chandigarh, around 1.4 lakh students are enrolled although the numbers are set to increase amidst COVID-19 as more parents switch to government school over fee row.  

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