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Chinese Aircraft Loses Control, Falls in Africa from Space

The Long March 5B chinese aircraft that was launched earlier in May this year, is believed to have lost control before falling in Africa as debris. It is one of the massive human-made objects to uncontrollably descend on Earth from outer space.

A few pieces are said to have hit the ground as per reports from Cote d’lvoire describing objects that possibly rained from the sky. China shot off the prototype spacecraft after suffering two setbacks in March and April. Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, has criticised China, describing the event as “really dangerous.” He further commented on the nature of space exploration that should “inspire hope and wonder, not fear and danger.”

“Did they perhaps have a plan to de-orbit it that went wrong?” commented Jonathan McDowell, astrophysicist at Harvard and satellite tracker. “The Chinese have not discussed whether they had any plan of the sort, so therefore we’re forced to assume that they didn’t.”

However, the core of the rocket did not fall back to earth as rockets must once they have completed a mission. The unstable core stayed in a low orbit in space and was anticipated to make its way back to earth, precariously. As a result, the entirety of this project has spewed fear especially due to the large size of the rocket. Generally, whenever such a bulky object is released into space, the country or company concerned possess a plan regarding bringing it safely back to earth. Apparently, China has been ambiguous regarding such plans about the aircraft.

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