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Choose a curriculum that suits the child


In the eagerness to gain maximum knowledge, one may burden the child to such an extent that he/she forgets to enjoy learning

With a plethora of educational boards to choose from, parents and students are spoilt for choice. While parents undoubtedly want best for their children, they forget to register that while choosing the right curriculum, analysing their child’s aptitude is the foremost criteria.

With multiple curriculums from across the world making their way into the education sector in India, most schools are concentrating on giving best possible education and exposure to the students which apart from the curriculum will include student exchange programmes, new learning modules and tools.

The current trend in the education sector is that it has to mould itself to become multifaceted and fast paced to help the country build stronger future assets and a rock solid foundation for the youth.

These multitudes of curriculums including the Indian and global curriculums help students gather an in-depth understanding of the subjects as well as skill development which has largely become the focus now aims at making the students a global citizen.

Some curriculums followed across the world aim to instil qualities of leadership, confidence, team-work, grooming and more; in short, the skills a child would need to grow up with to cope up the 21st-century challenges in the larger global domain.

In return, these curriculums try to fetch more from the children than their actual calibre and capability which becomes a major challenge for a child to cope up with.

However, the primary goal to be kept in mind while choosing a curriculum for your child is to ensure that they don’t start getting burdened with too much knowledge grasping that they actually forget to enjoy learning. While schools compete to accredit themselves of global curriculums, what must be kept in mind is the pace of the students learning, their cultural background and the relevance of learning with respect to their age, nature and nurture. In a rush to arm the students with knowledge and ability to manoeuvre technology based learning tools; the curriculums should make learning fun, easy and less burdensome for students as without realizing on the pitfall side it also makes them competitive to compete amongst themselves in the larger picture.

Nevertheless it goes without saying that the methodology and approach taken by each curriculum plays a vital role in building up one’s career goals and achievements. But some of these curriculums present the students with pre-set combinations of subjects, grouped according to different ‘streams’. The subject combinations are thus narrow and pertain to only a particular field, such as Science, Commerce or Humanities, which could be a challenge for some students to cope up with as they might be good at some and might not be in the rest.

The most critical element that holds/narrates the journey through this transition together is that of the educators, whose role will evolve from being a teacher to a mentor or to a friend. An educator who is both skilled and has a human angle to his methodology of educating his/her students will have a more profound impact on the student.

On the whole, education sector in India, is poised for growth as an industry which is witnessing a lot of interest in terms of collaborations with foreign educational institutions, assimilating international curriculum in their schools and offering abundant opportunities to students with regards to choosing their curriculum along with interaction opportunities with their global peers but in the process the students should not lack their yearn for knowledge, which can be ensured that the curriculum takes into account the students nature, nurture environmental indices in mind without over-burdening with excess of knowledge all at one go but gives them the opportunity to explore at their own pace.

-Ian Davies, Head of School,
Garodia International Centre for Learning, Mumbai

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