CHOSEN BY SUYASH DASGUPTA | A rare novel in verse that addresses issues of teenage mental health and emotional wellbeing

We are pleased to announce the publication of Suyash Dasgupta’s debut novel, CHOSEN. Sensitively written, this unique book delves into substance, emotional and physical abuse — an overlooked dynamic in teenage boys.

The one-of-a-kind verse style opens a new form of storytelling with an original soundtrack (rap and hip-hop) produced and written by the author. As readers flip through the pages of this novel, they reach a few pages with QR codes that lead them to the song corresponding with the storyline.

Announcing its release, the author says: “CHOSEN originally started as a project at my school (Singapore American School) for a course called Catalyst – a class designed to give students time to explore passions they do not usually have time to participate in. I wanted to tackle issues that are, in my opinion, not being spoken about enough, and bring them into conversation through a novel, particularly the less spoken aspects of male mental health.

Many people my age do not spend their free time reading, but many still spend lots of time listening to music. I wanted to build a more explicit relationship between my novel and music. I decided to write and produce my own songs (that canonically are songs made by Mason’s father) and integrate them into the storyline of my novel, creating a multisensory experience.”

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