Clean meat to replace animal meat in future

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Clean meat means meat that has been multiplied by using animal cells

The next big thing in health-conscious food is clean meat or meat cultured in labs. Also now called ahimsa meat to show that the meat is not produced after killing animals. Scientists at the CSIR-Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) have now signed a memorandum of understanding to develop and promote clean meat in India.

Union minister Maneka Gandhi a big supporter of clean meat said, “Clean meat has been invented. The cellular multiplications of meat cells in a meat serum are already there. The point is, how do we put it into a commercial form and how do we involve industry?”

She went on to add Gandhi said CCMB should conduct research on the subject and make the data available to all as the technology would remain expensive (and may not replace animals) if foreign countries are allowed to develop and distribute it in the country.

Clean meat technology is in an advanced stage of development in the US and is awaiting the recognition from Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Why is clean meat better than animal meat? Scientists say that just by washing the meat it does not become clean. There are so many possibilities of diseases such as Foot and mouth disease, tuberculosis, leukemia and other diseases when one consumes animal meat.

Many go to the extent to say that the human body does not have and is not made to absorb animal meat.  

“Everything about every part and organ of the human body is vegetarian. When we put an alien substance like meat into the human body, we become prone to diseases,” “If you do this on a daily basis,” she added, “Your body will weaken. You will not die of eating meat, but it will certainly weaken your body, making it more vulnerable to diseases.” she said.

Maneka Gandhi said that people feed 11 kilograms of food to get 1 kilogram of beef. Cows, buffaloes, and goats eat up the forest. They are the biggest greenhouse gas emitters.

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