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Contemporary Educational Challenges

By Ms Jyoti Arora, Principal, Mount Abu Public School, New Delhi

There is a popular African proverb “ Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.”

Every being at one or the other stage of their life  faces challenges and to sustain and nurture oneself  , its vital that we all readily accept those challenge with a growth mindset and work with full potential to find creative solutions. Education in this context is no different..

For achieving quality in Education ,one not only has  to be in sync with the present times but also futuristic in approach ;as we need to prepare young minds for the future where the jobs they studied might not exist and the jobs that they need to prepare for do not exist today.

Indeed ,the educational challenges faced by All-the teachers, the learners ,the guardians and  the stake holders have been immense since the  goal  of imparting and receiving education has evolved over the years .
We all agree that modern day education emphasizes learning  beyond the classroom studies .In earlier times there were limited facilities in sports and hobby classes and was an era of rote learning with little exposure to extra curricular activities but today in the contemporary world ,skill sets have been given more importance that helps an individual realise that learning to apply knowledge is as important if not greater than the knowledge itself. Training for these skill sets require a special expertise and hence the constant Professional Development training of teachers is required to ensure that the accurate information congenial with the times is given.

Imparting holistic education has been the need of the hours and some times it becomes a great task to comfort traditional parents who believes in conventional education and things such as  Co curricular activities are distraction. For them , the community programs, the activity projects etc. might seem to be unnecessary and convincing them requires constant counselling through sessions and workshops highlighting the necessity.

Another formidable challenge faced in education today is  the technological revolution.The  gadget addiction along with the pressures and distractions of social media have made possible the appearance of an irreversible phenomenon in the conflict between generations .Also the access to overflow of unfiltered information has made students vulnerable.

To combat the same , cyber security trainings and the Digital literacy drills  for learners and staff needs to be organised on regular basis.Also a changed role of teacher from that of an instructor to a facilitator will help students relate more and dive deep into the content.

The quality of teaching must also be updated, evolved and restructured regularly  to enable the students of diversified intelligences get more involved and engaged.

Another prominent challenge that the school faces these days is building on Life Skills and Socio Emotional Intellect.Emotional-social intelligence is a collection of interrelated emotional and social competencies and skills that regulate how effectively individuals understand and express themselves, understand others and relate with them, and cope with challenges. Many schools have started with guiding and counselling services that provides a support to the students

Another key challenge can be the school drop out rates .A balance has to be developed through dialogue with educators proactively convincing parents and motivating students to cope with anxiety and the need to continue their education by providing individual counselling too.

As with the butterfly, adversity is necessary to excel and spread the vibrant hues of joy and happiness .The education should not rob the students of their childhood but help them to express their individuality and indulge in their passion to reach the pinnacle of success.

One must remember that the gem cannot be polished without friction, nor can imparting education be perfected without trying novelty.

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