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Literary Activities

-Capt S N Panwar

A passion for excellence means thinking big and starting small: Excellence happens when high purpose and intense pragmatism meet. Doing better than average takes tenacious preparation and efficiency. Individuals, not institutions create excellence with their unique skills; they lead others to the pathway to excellence.

A good education is a high road to personal development of the child. Many schools in our country are mediocre, where the students are developing satisfactorily but not excellently. By transforming mediocre schools into excellent ones, we can produce eminent and excellent citizens.

Normally, a school is said to be excellent, if the results of Board Examinations are excellent.

Getting excellent results at the Board Examination i.e. producing good doctors and engineers is a part of excellence. As such the school should make all the efforts to achieve excellence in other fields of life by producing eminent artists, sculptors, dancers, actors, Capt S N Panwar writers, research scholars etc. This excellence in schools can be achieved only by shaping vision into reality. It will take time and effort in organizing proper and systematic co-curricular activities, but the students are bound to develop their natural talents :


Literary Activities


  1. Recitation (Hindi, English, Sanskrit)


  1. Debates (Hindi, English)


  1. Essay Writing (Hindi & English)


  1. Declamation Content


  1. One act plays (Hindi, English, Sanskrit)


  1. Composition of poems & articles (Creative Writing)


  1. Wall magazines


  1. Manuscript Magazines


  1. Vidyalaya Patrika


  1. Antyakshari


  1. Story telling for primary classes only.


  1. Calligraphy


Hobby Clubs


  1. Nature Club


  1. Photography Club


  1. Literacy Club
    1. Unesco Club


    1. Science Club etc.


    Cultural activities


    1. Group dance


    1. Mono acting


    1. Group Singing / Community Singing


    1. Mimicry


    1. Fancy Dress


    1. Drawing & Painting


    1. Youth Parliament


    1. Classical Dances


    1. Classical Music (Vocal & Instrumental)


    Service activities


    1. NCC


    1. Scouting & Guiding


    1. Cubs & Bulbuls


    1. John’s Ambulance


    1. Red Cross Society


    1. Road Safety Patrol


    1. Social Service

Sports & Games

  1. Inter House Matches / Inter-School Matches


  1. Coaching Camps for various Games & Sports


Adventure activities


  1. Trekking


  1. Mountaineering


  1. Excursions

The aforesaid activities are organized in a routine way. Transforming these routine activities into excellence requires time and effort. Excellence does not happen miraculously but springs from the pace-setting level of personal effectiveness and efficiency. The achievement of excellence requires at times pains. There are deficiencies in organizing these activities and they can be removed only by strong leaders i.e. Principals, a few talented teachers, and students. The school should be satisfied only when each individual student achieves three minimum objectives:


  • One Hobby – well enjoyed


  • One Game – well played


  • A minimum of 60% marks at public examination.




  1. Co-curricular and curricular activities should be supplementary to each other.


  1. An activity period should be incorporated in the school timetable.


  1. Mass participation by students.


  1. Participation by pupils should be stimulated and limited to a few items.


  1. Selection for activities should be made on a democratic basis.


  1. Pupils should be given greater freedom and responsibilities in participating and organizing activities.


  1. Proposed new activities should be approved by the Committee before they are presented or included in the programme.


  1. Pupils should be given experience in both leadership and fellowship.


  1. An adequate programme of administration and supervision is essential.


  1. Teacher sponsors of allied activities should be given load credit.


  1. The CCA should be evaluated frequently by the Committee.




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