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Creative thinking-the students way

Creative thinking

“Creative is intelligence having fun.” A statement was given by the great scientist Albert Einstein. It is the act of inventing and adapting your new and imaginative ideas into reality. This is characterized by the ability to grow by seeing the world from a new perspective. Identifying new patterns, breaking rules, making mistakes and on the whole generate solutions. This is a two-way process: 

  • Thinking
  • Producing

Creative thinking

It means looking at something in a novel way by thinking outside of the box that involves lateral thinking. Learners and educators generally associate creative thinking with writing a novel, painting a picture or composing music. But, it is associated with many other jobs, businesses and science. The importance of creativity for students has been a focal point in today’s generation school. This has even led to many experiments. 
According to one of the experiments conducted recently where a writing task is given to the arts and science students. To everyone’s astonishment, the students of science stream performed better than the art students. Hence, creativity has to be embraced by educators if they want to nurture happy, well-balanced learners.

Improving creative thinking in a fun way for creative problem solving

Divergent thinking

Scientific studies have started focusing on “divergent thinking”. To simplify, this means, to think in various ideas and come up with unique solutions either individually or collaboratively. Techniques such as 

  • Brainstorming
  • Mind mapping
  • Free-flow writing 

helps in developing your creative thinking ability. 

Listen to music that Rejuvenate

According to Ritter and Ferguson experiment, listening to music promotes divergent thinking. For example, listening to Antonio Vivaldi’s “Spring” can be beneficial and aids in generating new, unique ideas. While going to the examination hall, instead of concentrating on studies, listen to soothing music and go with a stress-free mind. Consider listening to music that fosters a positive mind and stimulates your creative thinking.


Mind-wandering, daydreaming and taking breaks also aids in improving creative thinking. Take a break from your studies and engage yourself by doing an easy task. 

How students can implement creative thinking in their learning methods

  • Compose a new fundraising script to volunteer
  • Enact a radio or television commercial
  • Create an examination question and test yourself
  • Design a logo and write product description for it
  • Propose a novel look for something interesting
  • Write a compelling story either hand-written or online

To fuel the future learners creative is the best trait to imbibe. They inspire learners and motivate them towards learning a subject. It should be integrated into the classroom curriculum. Teaching students how to think creatively is more vital than teaching what they have to think.

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