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Darshan Academy, Kalyan Vihar, Delhi

Darshan Academy

Name of the School                 :            Darshan Academy

Board                                          :             CBSE

Type                                            :             Day School

Address                                      :             Kirpal Bagh, Bhama Shah Road S.K Singh Marg, New Delhi-110009

Classes                                       :             Nursery –  XII Grade

About the School :

Darshan Education Foundation has been providing students with an excellent all-round education since the inauguration of its first school, Darshan Academy Meerut, in India, in 1995. Since then, many Darshan Academy schools have been established in various parts of India and Columbia. The schools run pre-primary classes through to high school.
Darshan Education Foundation has developed a unique holistic concept for schools that helps children develop their highest potential: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Brainfeed School Excellence Award  Category :

1. CBSE School,
2. Excellence in Innovative Practices,
3. Happiness Quotient Index Schools,
4. Excellence in Life Skill Education.

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