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Study says, diet sodas don’t cut down sugar intake or calories

diet sodas

Dietitians and health experts have red-flagged diet sodas and drinks as they are unhealthy and contain artificial sweeteners. Switching to diet sodas by people who are to be healthy is a no go. Thinking them to be healthier than sugary drinks is a myth. A new study conducted among a group of American teens and kids states that those who consume diet sodas or low-calorie drinks were drinking 200 calories more per day than those who stayed on a water diet for hydration. This also led to the study that those who were consuming diet soda were having same amounts of sugar as to the ones who were consuming sugary drinks. This should surely compel people to re-think before picking up the ‘diet’ soda bottle.

The study “Consumption of low-calorie sweetened beverages is associated with higher total energy and sugar intake among children” was conducted by scientists at the George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health. The study was published in Pediatric Obesity journal. They looked into the data of 7026 children who were enrolled in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2011 to 2016. Reports on everything the participants ate and drank was collected over 24-hour span and researches narrowed down on the consumption of sweetened beverages (one with low-calorie sweeteners and one with sugar). The kids who drank diet sodas and low-calorie sweetened drinks also had more intake of sugar from other foods and drinks when compared to kids who just drank water.

“After adjusting for body weight, consumption of low-calorie sweetened beverages, sugary beverages and combined consumption of both was associated with 196, 312 and 450 higher total calorie intake compared to youth who consumed predominantly water,” stated the report on the university website.

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