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February 20, 2019
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Sorav Jain, CEO, echoVME, Chennai, discusses the importance of digital marketing.

With the advent of the internet, the digital and social media landscape in India has witnessed a paradigm shift. Technology will grow in a much broader way in the coming years. A few years back all financial transactions were done physically at a store but today, right from movie tickets to groceries, travel to banking, everything is online. E-commerce, social media, mobile marketing all these have brought immense changes to the business world and has paved the way for digital marketing.

In the next few years, India is projected to add half a billion more internet users. This will surely drive companies to turn to digital channels for promotions to increase their profits. It is estimated that more than 18 lakh digital marketing jobs will be up for grabs in the market by the end of 2020.

Many young entrepreneurs established themselves in a short period of time due to digital marketing. It is only because of the digital revolution, E-commerce companies such as Snapdeal, Flipkart and OLA could make a mark in their business.

  • What is the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing?

Social media marketing is part of digital marketing. There are various modules of digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more. In Social Media Marketing, one needs to consider various parameters:

Branded Channels: Creating branded channels on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other top social networking sites, build an audience and constantly communicate with them to engage them.

Social Selling: Using Social Media to drive one to one sales by connecting with decision makers or using social media only for advertising and achieving the desired lead goals.

Influencer Marketing: Connecting with experts across the world in the industry domain and asking them to communicate about your brand.

Customer Service: Using Social Media only for solving customer’s concern and manage the reputation of the brand online.

  • How to enter the field?

Anyone can enter the field at any age. But one needs to be very passionate in this stream.

Prominent Institutes in India

  • Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), Delhi
  • Digital Vidya, New Delhi
  • Learning Catalyst, Mumbai
  • Institute of Digital Marketing, Pune
  • Manipal Global Education Services, Bengaluru


  • What are the job responsibilities of digital media managers?

Digital Marketing Managers are supposed to do the following tasks:

  1. Set goals for the company’s digital success by setting traffic goals, social media channel growth plan, setting engagement metrics and creating campaigns that could go viral
  2. They are more likely to align with the company’s business goals by helping companies achieve their sales target through the means of lead generation campaign
  3. They either form a team internally to help them achieve their goals or they work with multiple vendors and agencies


  • What is the scope of digital marketing in our country?

This is the time when people need to roll their sleeves to invest in digital marketing. It is time, for people to build their career in digital marketing as this in the onset of changing mindsets. People now want to invest in this domain and hence there is a huge demand for digital marketers but there is very less supply.


  • What are the other job opportunities in this field?

People can get into the content, management, advertisements, process-oriented roles or technology side of it. Students can either join an agency or they can join companies and focus their work on the growth parameters of that particular company alone. Top cities have more opportunities, there are very few in 2-tier or 3-tier cities at the moment.

People can even master digital marketing in their own language and get into companies who are looking for people who can manage digital in the native language. I have written a detailed article on a career in digital marketing in India, <http://www.soravjain.com/ building-career-digital-marketing-jobs-india> which would help people, gets some of the most common FAQs answered.

  • What are the challenges faced in this field?

There are not many great or reputed institutes offering a hands-on course. People are taking up digital marketing courses considering the certificate will hold some value. Basically, there is no industry certification. It is all about the skills you possess. So focus on skills and not certificates.

  • What are the skills required for an aspirant to enter the field of digital marketing?

Aspirants need to have good writing skills, word press management skills, designing skills, digital analytics, upgrading more, practice and read and subscribe to the blogs of experts across the world.

  • Your advice to the aspirants

Focus on working with an A agency, join as an intern, practice digital marketing as you learn, start a blog, add content, scale content, aim to grow your traffic and subscribers.

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