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Diploma Courses Witness Surge In Demand

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Long before Nirmala Sitharaman’s call to start 150 diploma courses by 2021, the changes are already felt. Telangana is witnessing an unprecedented rise in students pursuing diploma degrees. Over the last five years, a whopping 65% enrolment has calculated for 72, 123 students. Telangana State Board of Technical Education and Training (TSBTET) offers 47 courses.  Students across CBSC, ISC and state boards are opting for technical courses- Garment and Footwear Technology, Food Production, Culinary Arts, Archives Keeping, Textile Technology and Petroleum- from recognized universities.  Students from Science, Commerce and Arts tend to switch streams as well .

As demand for skilled workforce continues to grow, diploma degrees prep the students. Educational institutions are fast tying up with top-notch organizations to analyse what employers are looking for. NIIT Uniqua has launched a month-long certification course in Finance and Accounts. During the tenure, students acquire sound knowledge on technology and process-specific tools indispensable for lucrative packages.

Addressing the rise of new job roles, Engineering design-training CADD Centre has launched short-term courses in Electric Vehicle (EV) Technology. The launch of EV courses falls in sync with advent of futuristic EV technologies. Students are encouraged to research, design, and analyse the complexities of hybrid vehicles.

List of Advanced Diploma Courses to Look For-

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in International Trade
  • Diploma in Human Resources
  • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
  • Diploma in Plastics Mould Technology
  • Diploma in Web Designing
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware and Maintenance

Both post-graduate and graduate diploma courses benefit students by allowing them to intern at reputed firms. Many diploma courses have no stringent requirements for eligibility criteria. Students from any background are free to take up their preferred courses.

Unlike degree programs, diploma courses speed hiring process. Previously, what used to be the heydays for degree courses have witnessed decline in popularity. Students who find completing college expensive or tiresome, sign up for job specific courses to enhance employability.

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