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Do Not Write Directly to CBSE Board


Parents and students with queries, requests and complaints need to make a request to CBSE through the regional office. There are ten regional offices in the country. The CBSE website has all offices listed.

All requests pertaining to examinations are resolved as per the examination bye laws of the CBSE and are taken at the headquarters in Delhi but is processed at the regional office. Many a parent waste time by directly writing to the board and are disappointed when they do not get a feedback.

Not just parents, many principals too send requests to officials at New Delhi directly.

In several cases, the office in Delhi reverts the request to the regional office resulting in delay. The request should also be made in simple form. For example: Matter related to change in subject.

The regional offices of CBSE are at Ajmer, Panchkula, Guwahati, Chennai, Trivandrum, Dehradun, Allahabad, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Delhi.

Senior officials at the CBSE headquarter have been complaining of endless requests from across the country. “There is a clear cut procedure and there is no way we can look into requests howsoever important. There is a well-established procedure laid out.” Surprisingly, several teachers and principals of schools send requests directly, added the official.

Maximum requests are for mark sheet or certificate.  The website clearly mentions the amount which is Rs 250 for up to five years of passing and the amount increases for the increase in number of years.

Correction of date of birth and name in the certificate is another request that is made by many and the fee is Rs 1,000.

Here is how to make a request

All Head of schools should send their correspondence to the concerned Regional Office only.

Parents and students should make the request only through the school.

Head of school will make the recommendation as per the Examination Bye Laws and forward the request to the concerned Regional Office.

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