Draft New Education Policy 2019 brings in 5+3+3+4 format


It has been recommended by the draft New Education Policy (NEP), 2019, to restructure the school curriculum and pedagogy in a new “5+3+3+4 design”. This is going to be a major change from the legacies of the National Policy on Education, 1968, that is following the “10+2” format in the school education system.

The former ISRO chief K Kasturirangan, who is heading the NEP committee, is of the opinion that so far the 10+2 system of school education has definitely well served the country for over the past 50 years which has taken an important step forward in uniformizing the school education structure in India. In modern times the needs w.r.t employment and beyond, sophisticated advances as well as discoveries in cognitive science have made one thing clear that a new structure for the educational system is definitely required.

In order to deliver the vision of education proclaimed in this policy which can prepare our students optimally in the 21st Century this reconfiguration has been proposed. It has been referred in different parts of the country this 10+2 system as grades/classes from 1-12, the primary stage with classes 1-5, the upper primary stage with classes 6-8, the secondary stage with classes 9-10 and the higher secondary with classes 11-12, pre-university, intermediate or junior college stage.

The notions of “higher secondary” or “junior college” now will be eliminated as per the policy. An integral part of the secondary stage will be now Classes 11 and 12.

Many more changes are being suggested by them and for further reference please check https://mhrd.gov.in/sites/upload_files/mhrd/files/Draft_NEP_2019_EN.pdf

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