E-rickshaws introduced in IISc Bengaluru campus to ease locomotion

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Indian Institute of Science (IISc) campus in Bengaluru has introduced eco-friendly e-rickshaws to commute within the 400-acre to keep it pollution free. The service is being called ‘Pick-E-Rick’ and will run on five routes with 10 vehicles.

Varsha Vasudevan, a PhD student told to The Hindu that “It is a really good initiative. Travelling from one end to the other end of the campus is an issue. Depending on cycles all the time is tiring. This service will definitely help us.”

The fares have been kept at a nominal price of Rs 5 which is to be paid through e-wallets or UPI. The distances covered by the e-rickshaws will vary between 2 km to 3.3 km and run from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7.30 pm.

This is a very cheap mode of transport. The routes link major buildings, departments, hostels and the library,” added a university staff.

Transvahan Technologies India Pvt. Ltd on an ‘Own, Operate and Maintain’ basis will be running the service.

“Ours is the only large area with a green cover on this side of the city. We wouldn’t like to lose it. With students’ cooperation, vehicle usage could almost completely be eliminated and used only during an emergency,” said an IISc administrator.

[Image: IISc Bengaluru]

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