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Monday, September 28, 2020
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ECA and APER set Guidelines and Norms for Re-Opening of Schools Post COVID-19 Lockdown


As schools, preschools and daycares await to see normalcy restored back, the education sector is also anticipating a complete renovation of its infrastructure. School authorities are resorting to sound protocols in the hope of keeping the deadly virus at bay. Entirety of the traditional classroom setting demands radical shift—changes that might appear to be disconcerting at first. Association For Primary Education & Research (APER) and Early Childhood Association (ECA) has set the guidelines mandatory for resuming back education within school premises.

Educators are imagining a world that has gone through numerous metamorphosis in its spectrum of affairs.  Sitting arrangements, class schedules, student attendance, mode of communication, transportation, vacations, and social gatherings taking place inside campus need to be in strict accordance with the tenets of quarantine.

The world is inching towards a curriculum already anticipating possible outbreaks lurking in the nooks and corner unless social distancing is implemented and adhered by. In that context, schools also need to carve out spaces for the sick students, teachers and non-teaching staff without creating a hullaballoo about it.

Post-COVID-19 world order also necessitates each school to remain well-equipped with basic amenities to keep aside the ailing and gauge the extent or intensity of one’s sickness.

Besides infrastructure, authorities are also speculating on the role responsible parents and teachers are ought to play. Individuals associated with schools and daycares should comply with the terms & conditions that each institution is obliged to set keeping in view the uncertain scenario post lockdown.

Although students are gearing up for a complete revamp in the way they will learn, major changes are also to come in different spheres such as sharing personal details with school authorities to ensure community safety. For instance, it becomes imperatives for parents to provide schools their travel history when need be so once the schools re-opens.

Parents need to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the hygiene within the school campus by not sending their children in case they show any signs of illness. Without complete coordination from parents, students and teachers, the idea of operating schools under the MHA guidelines will become a hoax.

The aim is to eliminate any kind of misconception, taboo or stigma surrounding COVID-19 and create a gratifying learning environment that will heal the wide scale disruption the pestilence has had inflicted on society.


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