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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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EduBrisk is Helping Schools to go Online in 24 Hours


EduBrisk Knowledge Solutions, founded by Saiju Aravind in 2014, has been turning classrooms virtual in one day by training teachers and simulating an online classroom experience. Major private schools including GD Goenka Public School and QMS Schools have signed the deal with EduBrisk. 22 to 25 schools are awaiting to undergo the renovation. More than 300 teachers have been trained so far to provide students complete e-learning solutions during the lockdown.

“The pandemic will not last, but the world will realize the power of online learning. These educational tools are not just for a pandemic,” comments Saiju Aravind, founder of EduBrisk.

Saiju who calls himself an “accidental entrepreneur” has now signed deal with 100+ schools from across the globe.

On the platform, the teachers are provided through extensive training that fits the demand of a virtual classroom. “Just getting on a video conference where the teacher goes on and on is a crude and elementary way of teaching online, what we offer is more evolved,” explains Aravind.

The methods are designed to gauge students’’ understanding of each concept swiftly. Hereafter, teachers gain an insight on how to approach the teaching process so each student can grasp the lessons. Every lesson is followed by tests the answers and analysis of which are present in students’ dashboard for record keeping.

“It really helps them homogenise the class. Also, this is a solution to remedial classes. Instead of picking out students who don’t understand concepts after class and making them feel like second-class citizens through extra classes, the teachers can get an insight into what they know and don’t know in the beginning itself,” Aravind explains.

EduBrisk is comprised of scientists, entrepreneurs, parents, child psycholgists and educationists with the aim of making e-learning accessible to all.

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