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Education is the only Solution to Poverty, says CM

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced about a substantial allocation of sum by the state government for fuelling education and learning whereby children can derive maximum benefit and alleviate poverty.

In a session attended by students, teachers and academicians, Reddy commented on the potential of education as the sole remedy to wide-scale poverty.

“There is only one panacea to tide over poverty in the country, and that is to provide quality education. Our government has been implementing several schemes, and has brought in revolutionary changes in the sphere of education,” said Jagan Mohan Reddy, CM, Andhra Pradesh.

As a crucial part of the Nadu-Needu scheme that seeks to revamp government schools, an upgrade of 15,715 schools during academic session 2019-2020 was executed firmly. Additionally, the state government has also released a sum of 4,200 crores to reimburse college fees.

Addressing the session, Reddy highlighted the plight of students who complained about delayed supply of school textbooks. The Chief Minister recalled additional complaints made on the lack of government support to the mid-day meal schemes.

“It was then I decided to revamp the entire education system. We want to introduce English medium, and most of those who are opposing it are making their children study in the English medium. Many are asking me, as to why I am spending so much money on education. Look at the figures – in India, only 25.8% of children are getting enrolled in schools, while it is 82% in Russia and 51% in Brazil. On the other hand, 74% of children in India are dropping out of school,” explained the Chief Minister.

Commenting on the predominance of the English language all over the world, Reddy stated how children from downtrodden sections are deprived of quality learning in Telugu-medium schools.

“Those who are opposing English-medium education send their children to English-medium schools,” adding further that “The only solution to poverty is education.”

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