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Education should be learner centric: Seethaprasad Mandikel

In conversation with Seethaprasad Mandikel, Founder and CEO of TriByte Technologies.

How ed-tech is changing the paradigm of the education sector in India?

Traditionally the issue of good education delivery is in having enough good teachers available across subjects and age-groups. This, technology in education initially started as an ‘Instruction Support’ for the teacher, but now, with advancements and greater acceptance of digital learning, the move it to make it Learner centric.  High quality videos, live classes for greater reach, and self-paced learning are the new norm.

And COVID-19 has accelerated the paradigm shift in the way learning is delivered resulting in the ‘New Normal’ where, in most scenarios virtual education has become the only alternative. In such a ‘MOBILE FIRST’ and ‘ALWAYS CONNECTED’ world, blended learning has gained primacy over other forms of technology-enabled education

What is the new cutting-edge technology in the ed-tech sector?

Stage 1: Content delivery:

Providing best content, with best teachers, using the latest technology is merely the starting point of EdTech interventions. It provides the access to high quality content, at affordable prices at large scale.

Stage 2: Engaged learner:

However, the next challenge is to ensure that we have a leaner who is motivated to learn. Thus, engaging the learner by way of gamification, leaderboard, badges, and such techniques, makes learning more engaging and has better outcome.

Stage 3: Personalized Learning (This is what makes it cutting-edge)

A key differentiator is when technology is used for Personalized Learning. This requires the technology to be able to provide for Adaptive Learning i.e., individual learning path for each student, based upon the past performance, and predictive performance. This is done using advanced Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning tools.

How can we boost learning by AI?

(In addition to the answer in Stage 3, above)

AI tools employs intelligence to automatically build and train a deep-learning algorithm that can recognize and analyze patterns in subject matter, such as when learners ask similar questions, or create the same / similar mistakes, watches certain type of learning material find patterns across users and use that intelligence to recommend material as learning paths. It’s akin to a very experienced and dedicated teacher, who shares her experience to improve the learning outcome at each step in the learning journey. The system understands the patterns, and then makes suggestions to the learner to prepare with content suited to the goal that needs to be achieved

What are your expansion plans?

TriByte Technologies is a Bangalore headquartered technology company, and we provide an eLearning platform – a White-labelled Learning Management System. We are now celebrating our 10th Anniversary of existence.

Our mission at TriByte is to enhance learner engagement and learning outcomes through interactive videos & other learning content.  The LMS adds magic to learning content, making it fun by building the tools to upload/aggregate, enhance, share and interact on videos and other learning content.  The platform is deployed across 25 countries, in 6 languages (English, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Bahasa) and has over 1.5 million users on the platform, who experience the learning on Windows, Android as well iOSWe continue to evolve and update our services with the best-in-class tech solutions, and are making deeper engagements within India. TriByte is exploring partnerships for greater reach in India & is poised for significant presence in Asia & Africa.

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