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Education system is more dynamic now: P Kwatra, Petals India

Preeti Kwatra

In conversation with Preeti Kwatra, Founder and Director, Petals India’s Preschool Club about pre-school management crisis.

 Don’t you think face to face teaching would be more help for toddlers? How are you overcoming this challenge in the current situation?

Spending nearly two decades in teaching and with the education received and imparted, 80% of the brain develops till the age of 6yrs. Children develop physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. Schools are closed, but learning and development is still going on. Nobody can replace face to face learning, but we make sure that in 80 minutes of online engagement of the child with his teacher, it is fruitful for child’s social and emotional health.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career in managing the school?

The most significant challenge in today’s scenario is our school teachers and children’s mental well-being of their life. Children are learning gradually that why they are not allowed to go to parks on swings and cannot meet their friends physically.

Is the teaching process going smooth like earlier in the pre-Covid times?

Petals Preschool curriculum based upon the Early Years Foundation Stage or EYFS framework, which is prevalent in the UK pre-schools. The teaching methodology anchored by enabling children with real-world experiential learning to encourage children to explore various practical aspects on their own through individual contributions, team collaborations, outdoor-oriented learning. The focus is also on giving ethical human values and personal grooming of the child.

What is that one value that the students need to learn at an early age?

Today’s situation has prepared us for the future, which belongs to the technology-savvy people. Without denying the fact that this is a new normal and an hour required for Blended learning. It helps all the stakeholders, parents, teachers, and student need to come together and work for the children who are the future.

For the same, we have reframed our curriculum, which focuses on thinking skills, creative skills and socio-emotional skills of the children for all classes playgroup pre-nursery and kindergarten. All the activities divided into teacher engagement activities, parent engagement activities and child self-engagement activities. They planned so thoughtfully that parents can engage their children for one hour from the screen and also see their child achievement as every week he is achieving every milestone.

What will be the new definition for the method of teaching?

During this pandemic for the first time education industry across age groups have gone online and this will continue post pandemic as well, the system has changed and is evolving every day to make education more dynamic and engaging.

What are those powerful lines which are keeping you motivated and why?  

The things that motivate the most is being a positive person and practice mindfulness every day. We are hoping by the year-end things will improve and will be back on track. We have to see it as an opportunity, not as a challenge in a difficult time. Growth will come back to normal soon. It is a time of reflection and being mindful.

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