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Effective tips to beat the examination stress

Do you know that 2/3rds of young people experience stress during exams? Do your grades get affected by the stress you’re facing? A little stress, however, can be a good thing, but beyond that, it affects your health conditions. It is better to reduce that by taking a few simple tips and become a successful student.
According to Dave Willis .org
The full form of stress is
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So, here are a few tips to repair those stress levels during exams.
So, let’s get started!!

Have enough sleep, exercise

Surviving with poor diet, by getting a minimal amount of exercise can harm your body, it makes your body lethargic. So, make sure you get 8-9 hours of sleep to perform at your best. It is advisable to have less caffeine with more water. At least have 30-45 minutes of walk or exercise daily till you finish your exams.

Be organized

Picture and prepare yourself for the exams and treat them as a time-bound project. Imagine, if your exams are 60 days away, take it as a challenge and fix an end-point or deadline to it. Figure out the basics first
What subjects do you have,
How are the marks allocated
Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and expect to be perfect in everything. Prioritize and lean them at your best by revising the small chunks of it. Chalk out the plan and try to excel in it. Schedule the time-table well ahead of the exam date and work accordingly. Don’t panic at the examination centre.

Positive affirmation and believing yourself

When challenges crop up, we tend to forget, how well we have studied given that, be prepared before time and don’t give space for worrying. Besides, if you face any negativity, replace that with a positive affirmation, that it can be made possible. For instance, instead of worrying, that I’m a failure as I didn’t learn that answer, think about how you can achieve it by telling yourself that, You can achieve it.
Minimize the consumption of sugar

Research proves that most of the stress is caused by sugar intake. It affects your adrenal glands and releases stress hormones. It also affects your blood sugar level. So, the more you consume, the more stress you’ll feel. Here are a few practical tips to help minimize the sugar intake and have a healthy diet
Skip breakfast
Eat sweets or candies during the exam period
Drink aerated drinks
Eat a breakfast that has high-protein value. Include peanut butter, nuts, oats and eggs in your breakfast
Eat plenty of fruits and organic vegetables
Eat more fish, e.g., trout, salmon.

Vice-president of Gilory college, when enquired remarked that she feels burdened with pressure, to achieve good marks and to please their parents. This was causing her to procrastinate and neglecting food habits which makes herself to cut herself off from others.

So, the above-mentioned tips can help you overcome the fear of examination and make you stress-free.

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