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We are hurtling towards a new world and with each passing day, technology unfurls new options. While medicine and engineering are still popular, there are other career options that are becoming important.

Here are some emerging areas:
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is defined as the simulation of human intelligence by machines by utilizing the pre-installed programming codes. Applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, and speech recognition and machine vision. AI provides high level efficiency and accuracy of various operations that might be impossible for humans to achieve. Processes like Automation, Machine Learning, Self-driving vehicles, Robotics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) etc. are based on AI. Degrees, diplomas or certifications are offered by various universities across India that can easily help people land jobs.

Data Science

Data, in the present world, is the most valuable commodity. Applied usage of data can even cause the dawn or fall of governments. The job of a data scientist is to collect and store various kinds of data and to analyse it for various results. For example, online shopping websites keep track of their users’ search and browsing history to find their shopping pattern so that the websites can display products that might light interest in the users. Qualified people can work for companies in various fields such as technology, journalism, commerce etc. as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers, etc.

Business Analyst

The job of a business analyst is to obtain and analyse data to form business insights and recommend changes in businesses and other organizations. These analyses can be used to determine issues in IT processes, organizational structures, or staff development in any organisation. The primary aim of a business analyst is to increase efficiency and reduce the costs. Being comparatively a new field, courses in Business Analytics are less in India but are available in plenty in countries like the UK. The aspirants are also required to sharpen their business acumen and communication skills to be successful business analysts.
Blockchain Technology
In simple terms, Blockchain is the distribution of a database or a ledger among a shared node of network. A Blockchain stores information in digital format. It is best known for its role in crypto-currencies for having a secured and decentralized record of transactions. People with Blockchain expertise will be of high demand in the coming future. Blockchain technology is becoming an essential part of industries, governments, start-ups and tech firms. Job roles like developer, quality engineer, UX designer etc. are required in the field. Candidates with certifications and knowledge about Blockchain can easily secure these jobs.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning can be considered as a combination of AI and Data Science. It is the process of incorporating in computers the ability to mimic human actions. Computers can be programmed to identify images, sounds, texts and patterns to classify them and perform the required action. Deep learning is utilised in the fields of Aerospace and Defence, Industrial Automation, Electronics, Medical Research etc. The jobs in Deep Learning can be obtained by having degrees and certifications in AI, Data Science, Electronics, and Engineering, etc.

Cyber Security

As of now most of the data exchanges, which can be intra-institutional or inter-institutional, and the storage of the same occur via the internet. Cyber Security refers to the protection of these data from external threats and leaks. It also includes the attacks on personal data stored on devices including mobile phones and other personal devices. A report by the government of India in July states that a total of 6,74,021 cyber security incidents have been reported in India this year (till June 2022). The job of a cyber security practitioner is to ensure that the data and networks are free of security threats. Cyber Security courses are now available in plenty in India that ensures high paying jobs.

Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

The technologies that either enhance or replace a real-life environment with a simulated one are called Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality uses camera captured images or videos to enhance your surroundings by adding digital elements. Virtual reality is a simulated reality that replaces the real world. The technology reaches the audience via AR/VR devices. The jobs in AR/VR sector include content writer/producer, UI/UX design, quality assurance and product management. The jobs can be obtained by acquiring job specific certifications.

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack development is the process of the creation of an application or software from its beginning to end. It involves both the front end and back end designs and ensures efficiency, reliability, and other crucial features. Front end means the design which is visible to the users and back end are the processes that are required for the same. Full stack developer is required to have knowledge and certifications in various computer languages and frameworks like C++, Java, and HTML etc.

Digital Media and Marketing Specialists:

Social media leads marketing today powered by digital content such as films, blogs, podcasts and online events. Doors to new fields of opportunities will be opened to people who are ready to think outside the box and explore unconventional options.

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