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Entrepreneurship- A New era


With the advancement of technology and science and easy access to resources, the field of entrepreneurship has turned over a new leaf. This has created a vast number of opportunities for creative minds across various fields. For instance, we can see various businesses coming up with innovations in food and its preparation tools.

The capability and temperament, to develop, organise and manage a business venture together with any of its risks in order to form profit, is seen in our youth.

With the amount of energy and enthusiasm, this generation can achieve so much more than they aspire to.
Some characteristics are considered indispensable in an entrepreneur.
These are as follows-

Ability to take risks
Starting up a venture involves a considerable amount of risk, courage and capacity to take the said risk.

Creative and Innovative
One should be able to generate new ideas to give a push start to the business, as well as to achieve profit.
For example, innovation of touch screen mobiles, iPad, iPod, etc.

Every entrepreneur should have their vision, a long term plan, the greater goal in mind. That’s the root of their business; without a vision, the entrepreneur would be working aimlessly and would have no goal to reach.

Leadership Qualities
To start a business, one requires vision and to fulfill the vision, one requires a lot of resources. One of the very important resources is Human Resource, i.e., employees.
An entrepreneur should have the confidence to lead a team of dedicated people to achieve profits.

A young budding entrepreneur should be confident about his ideas and work. This inspires confidence in his co-workers and people working for him/her.

Well informed
This confidence comes from being thoroughly informed about the industry and its environment. Having knowledge about legal and political policies can really help an entrepreneur in making the right decision at the right time.

A few years back entrepreneurship was all about AMBANI and TATA.
With hundreds of brilliant minds having their own startups by the day, the decade is all about these incredible youth minds.

Young people are the most inspiring as they have the will to take big steps towards their dreams. It’s their eagerness to succeed in the entrepreneurship era that mesmerizes most of us. They make us realize that it is never too late to pursue our passion. Following are some of the most popular and successful young entrepreneurs in India.

Ritesh Agarwal

  • Ritesh Agarwal
    Never too interested in studies, he dropped out of school at the age of 18. His initial plan was a budget hotel chain that provides B&B, called Oravel stays. When he realized it wasn’t a very common thing, he came up with OYO Rooms in 2013! He’s one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India. He started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17 years.

Sanjay & Shravan

  • Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran
    Brothers of age 15 and 17 years respectively, they are two of the youngest entrepreneurs of India.
    They came up with a company called GoDimensions, together.
    The duo is one of the youngest app developers in India. Their dream and goal is to have their apps installed on at least half of the world’s smartphones. This duo has already developed 11 apps which have about 60,000 downloads worldwide across 60 countries!
All such entrepreneurs who started their journey in business at an incredibly young age are a constant reminder to those teenagers who are demotivated by the expectations of society.
By Swasti Kunwar

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