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Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Entrepreneurship in the curriculum, a need

Entrepreneurship is a great way to bring in that practical knowledge. Teachers should take initiatives to engage students in entrepreneurship by giving them tasks and conducting case studies. This will not only make them adept in the subject matter, but it will also help students to learn more about entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurship is a skill-based subject. It is favored that entrepreneurship learning can be introduced at the junior school level itself. It’s not that you must cram the students with all the information at junior school. Keep the syllabus minimum and gradually increase it with each class.

Entrepreneurship gives you a self-sustainable option to survive in the industry by establishing your own business. Furthermore, entrepreneurship allows you to become your own boss.

We are living in an ever-evolving market scenario, where things change at a lightning speed. The workplace is nothing different. With technological advancement in the business industry being on the rise, workplace culture is also changing. From focusing solely on the business objectives to concentrating on employees well being as well, the workplace culture has seen some radical changes. With entrepreneurship, students can widen their horizons and give their contribution to enhancing workplace culture in the future.

There are plenty of innovative and interactive ways through which entrepreneurial skills can be taught to the students. You can host public speaking events, instead of the conventional discussion in the classroom. This way, you can improve your students’ speaking skills. Project based learning is another great way to teach entrepreneurial skills. Give them case studies to solve so that they can brainstorm ideas and fine tune their skills.

With technological advancement in the business industry being on the rise, workplace culture is also changing

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