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Essay Writing Techniques in Business Communication


For the successful learning of educational material and the formation of skills of independent research and analysis of business communication, students often need to write an essay, that is, a composition of a small volume that freely expresses individual impressions and thoughts about what you hear, read, and viewed. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the proposed topic by bringing any arguments. An essay cannot contain many ideas. It reflects only one way of thinking and develops it.

Writing an essay can cause some difficulties. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the topic of the work, or a student does not know how to arrange it correctly, etc. That is why students are often worried about the issue “Who can write my essay for me?”. Fortunately, today many online companies offer high-quality services for performing such works, which makes life easier for students.

In this article, we will consider the essay writing techniques in business communication.

Essay writing techniques

To write a good essay on business communication, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • Knowledge. A student with extensive knowledge in this field will be able to write excellent work without any problems. Thus, he should know that business communication is a complex multifaceted process of developing contacts between people in the service sphere, in which there is an exchange of business information and work experience that involves achieving a certain result in collaboration, solving a specific problem or implementing a certain set goal. That is, its participants appear in official statuses and are focused on achieving goals, specific tasks. A specific feature of this process is the regulation, i.e. submission to established restrictions, which are determined by national and cultural traditions and professional ethical principles. Speech, language, gestures, facial expressions, phrases, emotions are the basic means of the communication process. Conversations, negotiations, meetings, visits, public speaking are the main forms of business communication;

  • Preparation for writing an essay. Before making a plan for your answer, make sure that you carefully read and correctly understand it, because it can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, you will need to choose the variant of approach that you will follow, and also be able to justify your choice. Moreover, the content of the question may cover a wide range of problems requiring the attraction of a large volume of literature. In this case, only certain aspects of this issue should be covered. You will not have any problems if you do not go beyond the boundaries of the outlined circle, and your choice will be fully justified and you will be able to back it up with relevant evidence. The title of the essay may not be directly related to the topic. In addition to reflecting the content of the work, it can be a starting point in the thoughts of the author. Before you start writing an essay, analyze the information you have, and then draw up a thesis plan;

  • Essay structure. The essay on business communication usually includes an introduction, the main part (topic development), and a conclusion. Introduction is the essence and justification of the chosen topic. It should include a summary of your understanding and approach to answering the question. It is useful to highlight what you intend to represent in the work, and what will not be included in your essay, as well as give brief definitions of key terms. The main part involves the development of your argumentation and analysis, based on available data, other arguments, and positions on this issue. Your argumentation (or analysis) should be structured. It is necessary to write briefly and clearly. The conclusion is the provision of the main conclusions, an indication of further directions for the development of the topic;

  • Proper essay design. Educational institutions often put forward their requirements for the design of written papers. If there are no such requirements, it is advisable to adhere to standard design rules: use the Times New Roman font, size 14, and spacing 1.5. Continuous numbering is used through the text. The number is not put on the title page, but is taken into account when numbering;

  • Making changes. After the work on the essay is completed, re-read the text several times. This will allow you to identify errors regarding the content and design of the paper. Check whether all structural elements are represented in the work, whether there are grammatical and spelling errors. Be sure to check the availability of a complete list of references. All sources to which you refer in the text should be represented there.

Therefore, you need to go through just a few steps, apply several techniques in order to write a good essay on business communication. Try to put the acquired knowledge into practice and you will definitely write a wonderful paper!

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