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Experts say to be cautious of water-borne ailments, heat strokes in this summer

With mercury levels rising in this summer, it has been urged to the public to take precautions from water-borne ailments and heat strokes by district health authorities and senior public health experts. Experts in seasonal ailments have appealed to individuals and families to be alert for the coming month, as in the month of May the temperatures are expected to rise further, which could even trigger heatstroke cases.

Dr K Shankar, Superintendent, Fever Hospital, advised that precautions must be taken by all to avoid the cases of water-borne ailments, food poisoning cases and heat stroke cases which are common during summer. During peak summer persons with pre-existing medical conditions should ensure that they are not exposed to extreme heat. When exposed to hot sun for a long time doctors say that core body temperatures of senior citizens, diabetics, kidney and heart patients rise considerably.

Steps to help heat stroke victim:

  • They have to be offered water.
  • The core body temperature has to be brought down.
  • The person should be shifted to a shady area and water should be sprayed on them.
  • If they are in indoors, the patient should be kept under a fan.
  • In order to bring the temperature down, ice packs can be used.
  • If the patient is not responding, emergency services should be alerted.
  • To balance the electrolytes, ORS can be given immediately.

Precautions to be taken

Symptoms detected
One should avoid to venture out between 12 noon and 4 pm Nausea, Vomiting, Weakness
One must wear loose cotton clothing that should be light coloured Headache, muscle cramps and aches, breathing difficulties
One must carry a water bottle to stay hydrated at all times Disorientation and seizures
One must apply skin cream to avoid dryness, use sunglasses and wear a hat

Electrolyte imbalance could cause  brain stroke

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