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FFE —an Invaluable Asset for Aspiring Engineers and Medical Students


Foundation For Excellence (FFE), founded by Prabhu Goel, has financed the study expenses of 9,000 engineers and approximately 2,500 doctors.  The initiative was launched in 1982 when IIT alumnus Goel sold his stake of his US company. At the heart of this foundation is the mission to make engineering and medical degrees feasible to students belonging from financially strained households.

“If we were to support them financially, the idea is they will graduate, get jobs, take care of their families and bring about a transformation,” explains comments Sudha Kidao, managing trustee of the Sillicon Valley-based organization.

In 2019-20, FFE has granted 6,384 scholarships to deserving candidates.

“The kind of satisfaction you get is unparalleled, I can’t imagine going back to the corporate world. Initially, I felt I was missing science but I have met so many inspiring people in this phase and there is no other way I ” comments Sudha Kidao.

FFE at present has 500 volunteers who perform the task of identifying and selecting candidates by crosschecking and verifying their educational needs and shortcomings. Students are provided due mentorship to students following which the candidates are screened thoroughly. At FEE, there is no dearth of amenities and resources where students are promptly guided in their career choices and internships.

Over the decades, the philanthropy of FEE has fetched findings from 40 corporate firms, 500 volunteers and about 1000 and more high net worth individuals.

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