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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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First Batch of MBBS Course Started at AIIMS-M

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences-Mangalagiri (AIIMS-M) began operations with 50-member first batch of MBBS students for the academic year 2018-19 on August 30, 2018. The operations started at the temporary campus in the Siddhartha Medical College (SMC).

T.S. Ravi Kumar, special officer for AIIMS-M and chief guest of the opening ceremony, said the students should aspire to become great not just good physicians and discharge their obligation to society with humility and empathy.

He spoke on how the likes of Sushruta, the ancient physician who authored Sushruta Samhita, Pandit Madhusudan Gupta, pioneer of western medicine in India, Ignaz Semmelweis and Edward Jenner, founder of the smallpox vaccine contributed to the advancement of healthcare over the generations and hoped the future doctors would draw inspiration from them.

He also exhorted the students to strive for the creation of healthy and happy communities, which was the theme of the event.

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