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Five Best Ways to Give Feedback to Students


We are in a decade where there is very tough and competitive world. In this world, students are the one who are considered as a face of the nation. There life has a many key ingredients but the main is education and academic competition these are the two things that a student have to dealt with and it plays a vital role in the development of their mind and learning process. However, a proper counselling or feedback is a must for a student to grow as it provides a consistent support to the students. With the help of counselling and feedback given to students it is been seen that they have more focused approach. Students giving medical or any other competitive examinations need guidelines from there counsellors and teachers which is essential for better understanding about how they are doing and it is their responsibility to nurture the student. It is essential for counsellors and teachers that they make the process of providing feedback a positive, or at least a neutral, learning experience for the student.

Sometimes given negative feedback can make adverse effect on student, as it can make them discourage and depress. We have all been giving feedback’s to others some are good feedback that have made someone really happy and confident but some can be predominantly negative which can decrease the motivation in students.

Here you’ll find tips and ideas on how to give you an effective feedback.

It should be educative

Giving a feedback means explaining students about what they are doing is correct or not. The focus of feedback should be on what the students is doing right. It should be productive to a student learning and they should be provided with some kind of explanation and examples to make them understand what is accuracy in their work.

Feedback should be given in a timely manner

The perfect time to response with a feedback is when a student give a proof of learning.  If it’s too long taken to give feedback, the student might not take it seriously and would not work on their responses given to them.

Be sensitive when giving feedback

It’s important to keep in consideration about each individual when giving feedback. Every student have different mind and different capacity of learning. One need to remind students about their achievement but some need to handle with generously so that they don’t feel disheartened about anything. A balance is necessary to be made in between not wanting to hurt and also encourage them.

One on one conversation is best

Pointing someone’s drawbacks or commenting on them in front of everyone can be the most hurting for a student. In this situation they will feel emotional and psychologically hurt and won’t be able to perform better next time. This should not happen but rather teachers should be providing one on one meeting with students. This method should be really optimistic so that students feel more confident after this meeting.

Comment, Compliment and Comment

This approach is about wrap the compliment in between comments where you give student a comment on their work and assignments identifying an area where they can improve and ‘Sandwiched’ between two positive comments that will tell where they have done well.

By Gaurav Tyagi  (Director of Career Xpert)

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