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Five reasons why schools should reopen

The Government of Telangana is most likely to give the green signal to reopen schools from August 16. Parents, students and teachers want the schools to reopen for more reasons than one. There are several reasons but here are the top five.

Learning lost

There have been several studies in the last 15 months that show students have been badly affected. The habit of learning has gone for a toss. In spite of the advantages of online learning, very few students have been able to make the transition and are uncomfortable and do not get a feeling. Local Circles survey shows 80% parents are unhappy with online education. Meghna Rout, a Class X student says, “Teachers explain in detail but I still do not feel as if I have learnt the lessons well. There is nothing like speaking to the teacher in a classroom. It just does not feel real.”

Teachers too, a majority of them say that the work has only increased but the outcomes are from satisfactory. Sridevi K P, a Science teacher requesting anonymity says, “Only the serious ones attend classes and many just do not stay in class and leave it midway. I am waiting for physical classes to begin. Also there are several concepts that are to be taught and a video or a power point presentation just would not do.”

Turn on your camera please…

It has become the bane of the modern online class. Come what may, students just refuse to turn on their camera. Unmute please is another request that goes a begging. Unless there is interaction and the teacher does not see the students it does not feel like a class.

Debomitra Rao, a History teacher says, “For online classes to be successful there are certain conditions the first is to learn online etiquette. Sadly, In India we lack this and the teacher has become helpless due to the lack of control. She goes on to add, “In a subject such as History there is a lot of interaction with students but if a student just refuses to speak and turn on the mike. It is impossible.”

Internet connectivity

There is a lot of talk about growing bandwidth and seamless connectivity but several studies show even in cities students are grappling with internet issues. In families where there is more than one child providing access to online classes is a challenge. School managements are left helpless to parents complains about being unable to provide students with good internet connectivity. The traditional classroom is a sure bet say parents.

Sense of alienation

Students need friends to share their dreams, of everyday challenges, overcoming small goals, achieving targets, their problems and life in general. A school provides an eco-system for the nurturing and development of the child. With the absence of the physical classroom, he or she starts feeling alienated.

During growing years, students develop new identities and encounter new experiences. A school provides an environment for the all-round development of the personality and a campus with a music room, auditorium, playground is important. More importantly, the interaction with friends makes a huge difference in the development of their personality.

Preparation for life

It is proven beyond reasonable doubt that only online teaching will not prepare a student to face the challenges of life. There is a lot of talk about hybrid learning which could be the way forward but physical classes are inevitable.

A student’s personality is moulded in several ways through elocutions, drama, debates, in-house extra-curricular activities. Sports activities are important for boosting self-esteem, better health and physical growth of the child. Online teaching and learning has a lot of limitations.

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