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Focus on the alignment of NEP: Pankaj Sharma

What are your views on the budget for 2021?

In conversation with Pankaj Sharma, President, Lexicon Group of Institutes.

What are your views on the budget for 2021?

The budget focus on ‘Education for All’ at a holistic level is bringing an entrance to a new era for the educational sector. Especially, with the current structure of the ecosystem, the pandemic has been a leveler to understand the laggards and the early adopters.  The Honourable Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharam’s views on the qualitative strengthening under the NEP is a step in the right direction. It helps in elevating the current infrastructure and translating the same amongst the peers which were impacted significantly for all schools last year.

Education is a pivotal lever for social and economic mobility and to be able to focus on those areas is an advantage from a futuristic viewpoint. As a privately run education institution, we will continue to focus on the alignment of NEP 2020 which is towards foundational improvisations and. As an emerging institute, we take pride in being agile enough to align to changes for the advantage of child well-being and enhanced youth development.

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