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Forget Forgetfulness – App for Alzheimer patients

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is proud and overjoyed to announce that one of its students, Arnav Kankaria, has made an extraordinary accomplishment by designing developing and launching an app that helps in the lifestyle management of Alzheimer’s patients. Available on Google Playstore, the app incorporates features that aid and assist with reminders about medicine schedules, exercise routines, and navigation and directional awareness for the patients. In addition it also helps the family and friends of the patient understand ways to best take care of the person and learn about the disease and its management.

Aptly named the “Forget Forgetfulness” the app is an outcome of a compelling personal experience in Arnav’s life, when his person, his maternal grandmother herself became an Alzheimer’s patient. Being one of the primary caretakers of his grandmother, Arnav experienced the emotional highs and lows, anguish and sadness to see a loved one lose her sense of identity and slowly also start to forget her own family members. This prompted him to research on neuroscience behind the disease, and combine this with his proficiency in computer science to come up with the idea of the app.

Two years of painstaking visit to clinics and discussions with neuroscientists, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists and many hours of working to develop various improved versions of the app, it was launched in February 2022 after a successful presentation to a captivated audience. The app will no doubt make the life of many Alzheimer’s patients and their family members easy in the coming years. It can be downloaded from the link

We request the readers of this post to spread the word about this extremely useful app to anyone who may benefit from its use, and even amongst students, scholars and researchers in the medical, pharmacy, physiotherapy, neuroscience and other allied fields.

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