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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

MCI: Foundation course on ethics, sports for first year MBBS students

Medical Counsil of India

The Medical Council of India has introduces a month long foundation course to teach students the necessary skills required for medical training. According to MCI, the course will emphasise on professional and ethical behaviour. Each institute is advised to create their own foundation course based on the local needs, while MCI has provided colleges and institution with a booklet.

The course is divided into five parts, orientation, skills module, enhancement skills, sport and extracurricular activities and professionalism and ethics. The course will constitute of 175 teaching. Maximum 40 hours of teaching will be given for each course. More time will be dedicated to professional development including ethics and enhancement of language and computer skills.

“Medical students come from varied backgrounds and require a bridge that will smooth their transition from school to a professional course,” said MCI in a circular adding, “The (MBBS) can be demanding and requires the learner to respond to the challenges of continued learning and improvement.”

The orientation course will be completed as a single block in the first week. The skill enhancement courses among others will be available throughout the one-month long course. Sports will be for a mandatory four hours per week. Extra-curricular activities for two hours per week, as part of the course.

The MCI has also made an 8-weeks online course in research methods called ‘Basic Course in Bio-medical Research’ mandatory for all postgraduate students. the online course is for faculty who has no prior formal training in research.

As per the MCI the foundation course will be organised by coordinator appointed by the dean of the college. The coordinator will be under the supervision of heads of preclinical department.

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