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Best schools in India

Ganges Valley School, Hyderabad


Name of the School : Ganges Valley School

Board                      :  CBSE

Type                        :  Day School

Address                   :  Survey No. 298,
GRIET College Campus,
Nizampet – Bachupally Road,
R.R District,
Nizampet – 500090.,
Telangana, INDIA


Classes                   :  Nursery –  XII Grade

Mobile No               :  +91 40 65248877, 9666777000

Email Id                 :  admissions@gangesvalley.com 

Year of 
Establishment        :  2012

Brainfeed School
Excellence Award 

Category                 :  1. Best in Sports Education
2. Best STEM Education School
3. Best Infrastructure School

Website                  :  http://www.gangesvalleyschool.com/



About: Ganges Valley School is a CBSE School in Hyderabad, India.

At Ganges, we value our faculty, as each one of them not only makes an extra effort to teach in and out of the classroom but also are actively involved in the co-curricular education to every learner. The faculty also play an active role of mentors and give complete guidance to their assign group of students. The faculty across all grades guide and direct the class room discipline, harmonize, synchronize, direct, lead and inspire the students in all set skills required for a holistic learner. Through regular faculty development programmes on various subject matter as a part of their continuing education our teaching learning goes beyond class room & curriculum. We are committed to providing the best educational learning environments for all students to establish themselves as real learners of all disciplines. Our teachers are fundamentally guided to encourage independent thought, independent enquiry and ultimately independent learning. The students are guided towards a sense of ownership in the classroom, build their confidence and helps them want to be successful.

  • The implicit faith they have in the school and their reluctance to interfere in the child’s learning.
  • The feeling that since they lack adequate training in teaching, it is best left to experts- the teachers at school.
  • While parents’ faith in our teachers’ competence is well placed, we would like to assure our parents that their involvement in their child’s learning will never be viewed as interference at Ganges.
  • Parents can and should support their child’s learning by remaining ‘in the loop’, creating at home an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, reinforcing at home what has been taught at School, providing emotional support to the child and emphasizing on the value of learning.


Curriculum :- Central Board of Secondary Education,New Delhi Affiliation No:130329

1.From grades Preprimary to 10th School timings:-8:20am – 3:45pm

2.Our learning program goes beyond STEM learning to STEAM where ARTS meets SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS.

3.Creative Teaching Methodology (CTM) develops physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual connections.

4.Personalized mentoring for students with 1:10 teacher to student ratio

5.Special education facility for students with learning challenges & student counselor for behavioral concerns.

6.Strong programs for reading & public speaking.

7.Recovery programs for reading , handwriting & math.

8.Enrichment programs for art, craft & sports.

9.Pre-induction and periodic training programs for teachers

10.Sankalp, the CSR arm inculcates the joy of sharing & caring

11.Shramdaan – a clean society campaign

12.Well equipped infirmary

13.Hygienic, wholesome lunch

14.Safe & Secure campus

15.Ganges – Chetan Anand Badminton Academy for Badminton coaching

16.Trinity graded Examination in Spoken English (GESE) to test the English speaking and listening skills of the students

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