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Geophysicist The Resource Miner

Geophysicist The Resource Miner (2)

An experienced Geophysicist, Peeyush Upadhyay has a history of working in the Oil & Gas exploration industry. In conversation with Brainfeed, he shares about his work, the challenges he faced and the scope of the subject in our country as well as abroad
Geophysicist The Resource Miner Geophysicist The Resource Miner

What motivated you to become a geophysicist?

By education I am a geologist and moving over to geophysics is about adding another dimension to my geological understanding of petroleum exploration.

What are the various applications of this field?

Geophysics is used as non-evasive tool to study sub-surface features and structures to explore mineral deposits, oil and gas reservoirs, mega-structure construction, study earthquakes and also environmental studies.

What are the qualifications required to become a geophysicist?

One needs B.Sc. with geology or physics or mathematics followed by Master’s degree in geophysics. A background with physics or mathematics will help immensely.

What is the scope of this field in India and abroad in the future?

The currently available reservoirs of petroleum energy have an expiry date. There is a need to find more petroleum reservoirs. The world, including India has still many unexplored petroliferous basins. Even moving towards non-conventional energy resource like electric cells, renewable resources like hydropower, solar and wind energy geophysics is needed to explore mineral deposits (for solar and electric cells) and study the construction sites for water reservoirs.

Please elaborate on your experience as a geophysicist

I started my career as field geologist for a mud logging company then became well site geologist for Oil India Limited. As a well site geologist, I worked on drilling of 3 wells in Rajasthan in a short span of 6 months. After few months I got an opportunity to diversify and work as geophysicist for CGG. This has offered me to work on different basins and diverse problems. I worked mostly with 2D and some 3D seismic data set in India. Later I moved to CGG’s Aberdeen office specialized in 4D processing for BP’s North Sea Headquarter. I worked on North Sea 4D projects for almost 4 years. Later I had a short stint (around 10 months) with CGG’s Multi Client and New Venture (MCNV) division as Geologist where I was involved in analysis and interpretation.

Which project has so far been challenging for you?

It is really difficult to single out one project as most challenging. There is no routine job. Every project has its own set of problems and every project uses a new technology. For example, A North sea 4D project had 10 data sets of last 20 years. Client was expecting to use the final product to monitor the changes in reservoir in last 20 years with getting some answers for failed drilling attempts. This was a time constrained project as well. 10 data sets which were recorded with different/older technology (some with almost 20 years old technology) and processing all of them with latest technology in limited time, managing human and machine resource was a big challenge along with client’s expectations. Every step of processing generates around 300Tb data and there were more than 30 steps. Some of the steps took 2-3 months for production run.

What does jobs geophysics degree can offer?

Jobs are available in Academia, Oil and Gas exploration, Mineral exploration, Construction and Environmental studies industry.

What is your message for students who wish to become geophysicists?

Do not bind yourself with jobs in industry. Explore the academic options as well and you will be surprised to find career options and diverse interesting problems to work with.

Prominent Institutions:

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kharagpur)
  • Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
  • Faculty of Science – Kurukshetra University
  • Andhra University – Vishakhapatnam
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay) – Mumbai

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