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Ganesh Sharma
Started his career as a Senior House Master of Rashtriya Indian Military College, an establishment of the Ministry of Defense, Sharma associated himself with Mussoorie International School for 13 years as its head master. Later, he set up and started The Millennium School for the Greenfield project and was with them for four years. Finally, he stepped into his new journey with GIIS. Initiating with Bangalore campus comprising 1400 students, Sharma is currently heading GIIS, Noida.

A galaxy of innovative institutes spread across the globe, Global Indian International School comprises of 23 campuses in seven counties since its founding in 2002.
One of these globally recognized campuses is located Noida, India which garners educational excellence, environment conservation, peace and value-based education, and community integration.
GIIS Noida delivers a high-quality CBSE education for primary and secondary class students & Global Montessori Plus Programme for Nursery, KG1 and KG2 classes, while cultivating the holistic development of each child.
Headed by Ganesh Sharma as the principal, GIIS focuses on fostering global citizens of tomorrow.

A School for Students
With a wide spectrum of student-centric services, the school provides a quality campus life and learning by employing all the resources to help students excel in a multi-cultural, diverse environment. In conversation with Brainfeed, the principal shares, “We believe in holistic development, overall development. So, we have a perfect blend of academics and co-curricular activities in school. We have ten clubs to offer to our students. We have a tie-up with external agencies also for specialized program like music, theatre. For different sports activities, we have specialized coaches coming to our school and training our children.”

Star Methodology
The signature Nine Gems™ educational framework is based on one foundational concept: the importance of providing a rounded education to students. “We do believe that students will learn more with learning by doing. Unlike our traditional method of chalk and talk, a lot of involvement and collaborated work, have been introduced. When Google classroom, Flip Classroom and such initiatives are initiated, children have certain base already formed before they come in classroom. So, we must use the Flip Classroom Concept where we give them time. It’s not like we will teach and we will give you homework. We will give you homework- you have to experience, build that knowledge, come back and then we will start the classes,” describes the principal.

Balancing Academics and Extra-Curricular Learning
As a forward thinking, academic-centric and international group of schools, GIIS strives for securing innovativeness, effectiveness and practicality in its curricula; supported by a wide range of extra and co-curricular activities. The Management, Heads of Faculty and Academic Examination Board hold constant dialogues among themselves, parents and students to ensure that while the required academic standards are met, the ‘joy of learning’ is not sacrificed. As stated by Ganesh Sharma, “Learning is not only through academics. Lot of learning happens through environment.” The Academic and Examinations Board of Global Indian International School (GIIS) is represented by academicians with distinguished and credible experience in the field of education. Under their guidance and leadership, GIIS campus in Noida has grown from strength to strength with proven results by winning accolades for best quality practices and securing exemplary student achievements in both, academics and co-curricular activities.

GIISUValue Based Education
Several core values infuse everything done at GIIS:
– Manage with Information and Metrics
– Agility and Adaptability
– Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Practices
– Attitude before Knowledge
– Teamwork
– Mentor, Coach and Make a Difference
– Ambience for Learning

GIIS is home to the Global Indian Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values. With a presence on GIIS campuses worldwide, the MGCUV not only gives students valuable insights into the experiences and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, but also serves as an institutional lodestar in terms of the values and beliefs it reinforces, and their relevance to the world. “Mahatma Gandhi Value Center is integrated into our curriculum. Based on Mahatma Gandhi philosophy, lot of activities are being done like orphanage programmes, connectivity outside school and with the society,” adds Sharma.

Exposure for Teachers
Global Indian International School is a spectrum of institutes which has a huge arena of improvement for teachers as well. Ganesh Sharma states, “We are an international group school and have teachers all over the world. So, for our teachers, there’s lot of exposure, interaction and exchange programmes happening intra-country and inter-country. The topics included are curriculum and delivery of the curriculum inside the classroom. Teachers also have lot of opportunities for training internally and externally. We have our own training academy and industrial programmes where we work on the basis of DNA which is the need analysis survey for teachers. It’s a regular observation where we figure out what kind of improvement is required with a teacher whether it’s in terms of knowledge, in terms of teaching style or methodology. Based on that, we recommend to our training segment and the training segment designs and provides a tailored training to address the respective issue.”

GIISU-2Ensuring Parental Involvement
Stressing on the importance of parental involvement in school learning, Ganesh elaborates, “There are two types of schools- day-boarding schools and boarding schools. In day-boarding schools, it becomes more important for parents’ involvement and strong pathway has to be formed between parent and teacher because, lot of learning is happening at home. Hence, we involve all the parents through parent engagement activity during school. For example, in Science exhibitions, we involve father and child to present together. Nowadays, parents are very busy especially in metro cities. But, we sensitize them; we counsel them about the importance of their involvement in child’s education.”

GIIS Trademark
When asked about the unique recognition of a GIIS student, Sharma states, “With an opportunity of interaction globally and exposed to so many different cultures across the world, GIIS students shine with a clear sense of confidence, creativity and innovation. We organize entrepreneurship programs where students showcase their innovative strengths which they might have learnt later in college. We foster them with the encouragement to turn their potential ideas into actions.

A Principal’s Message for Principals
Parent and teacher partnership is vital. Sending the child to best school isn’t enough. Being a part of his education is a must. So, it is important for schools to motivate and sensitize the parents through regular workshops and one-on-one counseling. Their irreplaceable contribution in the child’s schooling is mandatory. This will only ensure their bright future ahead.

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