Go paperless, go digital, make a mark!


A popular school in Chennai was burdened with lots of technology and communication gaps. Witnessing these hurdles, Dr Jagdish and Dr Praveena, parent-cum- entrepreneurs, stepped forward to address these gaps and built School Skies. In conversation with Brainfeed, the founders share their innovative product Go paperless go digital make a mark Go paperless go digital make a mark


How is SchoolSkies a one-stop solution?

It is a complete cloud-based school management solution and takes care of A to Z of school administration. Based completely on the feedback from school stakeholders, it addresses challenges faced by parents, administrators and school management to create a more collaborative school ecosystem. We were the first to introduce chat bots at the school level. Overall, School Skies integrates the segregated parts of digitization in the schools and brings it under one, user-friendly interface!

Elaborate on the solutions you offer.

  1. a) Online school management solution

We empower the Administrators

  • To have entire database exported anytime
  • Manage overall activities of the school right from daily student and staff attendance to TC issue
  • Anywhere, anytime access to the school information
  • Admission process is streamlined by getting applications online and discrete result announcement
  • Hassle free fee collection and reports can be taken out anytime
  • Leave records of teachers and students can be monitored
  • Easy website updates through School Skies!

We empower the Teachers

  • Attendance marking is done online, attendance statistics can be exported
  • Homework, Notes and Test are sent directly to the parents
  • Decreases the workload of teachers in updating student database

We empower the Parents

  • Daily updates from the school is easily seen in their smartphones
  • Fees can be paid online, fee receipts can be taken at their convenience
  • No long queue for application form
  • Attendance of their ward can be seen, and absenteeism is intimated to parents immediately
  • Bonafide can be taken out by parents anytime
  1. b) We help schools to be a Microsoft cloud enabled campus
  2. c) Conducting school outreach programs
  3. d) Webinars about CBSE mandates
  4. e) We help schools to get official Microsoft licenses for their labs
  5. f) We design live enterprise website with SchoolSkies widget integration which helps the administrators to update and keep the website live through SchoolSkies!

How far have you reached in accomplishing your mission?

Every sector and industry today is online and schools should remain no exception. We believe in bringing unique features that help the parents and schools save time and move towards paperless schools. We work towards creating awareness in the K-12 segment by conducting webinars, school outreach programs and various orientations. We have also implemented the solution in few government schools which is extremely rewarding. We, as a team, believe that technology can reach even the remotest parts of our country and schools should be benefitted by the new digital initiatives. We have initiated ties with Kirgizstan and Afghanistan last year through UNESCO MGIEP program which is in the process of completion this year.


50+ Schools

1,00,000+ Students

5,000+ Teachers

Do you have any national/international associations?

We have association with Microsoft and in combination our solution has been listed as MASP Skies in Microsoft Suite. We are able to bring in the official SchoolSkies account through WeChat, which is an existing social App. We have collaborated with APJ consultancy which guides us with CBSE and Matriculation mandates.



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