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Guillermo Navarro, Oscar winner is bringing climate change alive on-screen

Guillermo Navarro, the Oscar winner was approached by National Geographic to be the cinematographer and executive producer of their document-series ‘Hostile Planet’. The channel knew that he was the right person for the show whose incredible use of imagery & visual language can make the audience feel the right punch where the action is taking place. He worked on films like Hellboy, Pacific Rim, Stuart Little, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2, Spy Kids and also won the Oscar for Best Cinematography for Pan’s Labyrinth, this experience of his was utilized to the best level for the show.

Guillermo Navarro explains of his unique experience of 1300 days of filming around the world featuring the world’s most extreme environments-mountains, oceans, grasslands, jungles, deserts, polar, for the six episodes of Hostile Planet.

The Academy Award-winning cinematographer and director said you cannot train the ‘actors’ when you are making a nature-based documentary series. There was an immense challenge of making humans connect with the horrors of climate change and the life of animals that were facing the cruellest evolutionary curveballs, everything while sitting safely at home.

He says a golden rule in natural history filmmaking is to tell these animals’ stories without interacting with them and making our viewers feel immersed in what’s happening.

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