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Gujarat Government shows deficiencies in implementing RTE

Gujarat Government shows deficiencies in implementing RTE

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India is dissatisfied with Gujarat Government over the implementation of Right to Education Act (RTE) in Gujarat. They have pointed out that the key objectives of the law for universalisation of elementary education could not be fully achieved due to various deficiencies” in Gujarat.

They have revealed that 12.80% to 15.11% of children in the age group of 6-14 years have not been enrolled in any school during 2012-17. But the Gujarat government identified 2.72% to 6.12% only as “out of school children”.

The government has shown deficiencies to provide basic facilities in schools, setting admission targets and not considered the availability of seats as per the RTE quota. The report also stated that the Gujarat government’s share of Rs 3635.57 crore (34 per cent) for the RTE funds was underutilized.

As per Indian Express, the reported stated that “The process of fixation of a target was erroneous. The target fixed was much less than the mandated 25 per cent of the seats reserved as per the RTE Act. As per DISE (District Information System for Education) data (2016-17), there are total 4,26,510 seats available for admission in Class I of unaided schools in Gujarat. However, against 1,06,628 seats (25 per cent of total seats) available for admission to children from economically weaker and disadvantaged groups, the target fixed was only 46,000 (43 per cent). This indicates that the targets have been allotted by the state government without considering the mandated provision of the Act.”

It is also taken into consideration that this is occurring “due to late receipt of grant from the Director of Primary Education”.

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