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Gujarat teachers to protest on social media after government order #SaveOurSchools


After the arbitrary decision of Gujarat government to ban the collection of school fees, teachers, school staff and educators stand in face of crisis. In response to the decision, teachers are coming together to voice their protest on Twitter on (Sunday) July 26, 2020.

Peaceful Protest on Social Media

#SaveOurSchools TwitterStorm is scheduled from 2PM to 6PM. Educators have planned to unite their voices through a peaceful protest against the government’s decision. “This ban will force several schools to close down and leave teachers without jobs. Without a means for survival, they will not be able to impart any sort of education, online or otherwise. So this decision by the Government of Gujarat has taken away the rights of kids to learn, teachers to practice their vocation & parents to choose what is right for their kid,” states Manan Choksi, Executive Director, Udgam School, Ahmedabad. The protest will be led by Progressive School Association.

Teachers, staff and students face crisis

The most affected by this ban are the teachers. Without fee, schools will be unable to pay salary to its teaching staff. Next, non-teaching staff will be the subsequent victims including associated vendors and suppliers. The education community including teachers, parents and school leaders are concerned that students in Gujarat will be left behind. Students in other states are benefiting from online education provided by their schools. Those schools are continuing with online classes as no such ban is imposed. Parents are concerned that their children would be lagging behind, sitting idle at home. This is a threat to their fundamental right to learn.

Fundamental Rights Violated

The teaching community asserts that this ban by the Government has led to the violation of following fundamental rights:

  • Right to Learn
  • Right to Teach & Earn for Teachers
  • Right to Choose how they want to school their children for Parents
  • Right to Stimulus for Schools

“By denying these choices, the Government of Gujarat has trampled on our fundamental rights as citizens,” they say. “We must and we will express our displeasure and that too strongly.” 

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