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Happiness and Wellbeing Takes Centre stage at Dubai Schools

The fifth annual edition of Dubai Student Wellbeing Census under the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has been underway from November 1. More than one lakh students and over 20,000 private school staff will participate in the census.

The students and school fraternity will touch upon topics related to relationships with faculty at school and at home. How students engage in teaching and learning environment, their feelings, experiences and thoughts about their future career goals. They will also talk and share their insights about happiness and wellbeing.

The director-general of KHDA, Dr Abdulla Al Karam, stated that this year exemplifies a landmark for student well-being in Dubai. The census data of the Dubai Student Wellbeing Census will usher school fraternity with crucial and reliable data to make changes in teaching and learning pedagogy for a purposeful impact on well-being.

The whole practice of organising this census is to improve the overall wellbeing and learning practice among the teachers and students and foster a better teaching learning environment ecosystem. With the tons of insights of students and school staff shared through this census, the KHDA body can accelerate better policies which would work in the best interest of the education system.

The initiative in the wake of the census is a five-year project that evaluates how Dubai’s school students feel and think about their welfare and happiness. The move will not only aid schools improve and nurture closer students-teachers bond and understanding but will also foster well-being of all the educational stakeholders. It also accelerates Dubai’s vision to be at the top in the league of world’s happiest cities.

During the pandemic phase last year, the data revealed that students were prone to sleep more, took breakfast and other meals timely and regularly, and delighted to share a strong bond and ties with their academic faculty.

In addition, the Adults@School Wellbeing Survey helped the school fraternity to better understand and refine their own well-being. The KHDA director-general further elaborates that the survey is in its fourth year and will continue to furnish valuable insights and suggestions to school staff so that they can enhance their and all adults well-being of their school.

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