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Delhi Schools awaiting for Melania Trump visit for Happiness programme

Happiness Curriculum

US First lady, Melania Trump will be visiting Delhi government school on February 25 and will be attending the Happiness curriculum initiated by Arvind Kejriwal. This programme has been introduced by the AAP government in July 2019 for the classes Nursery to Eighth

The curriculum of Happiness programme

Happiness classes comprise of exercises like meditation, storytelling, and question and answers sessions. This need was felt by the AAP government as there was emphasis only on scoring marks. Moreover, the AAP government felt that there is a necessity to offer a more satisfactory education and learning methods. 
This programme promotes cognitive development amidst literacy, language, numeracy and the arts. Consequently helping in mental growth and well-being of students. 

Prime objectives

The main objective of “Happiness Curriculum” is to nurture future citizen of the country and prepare them to be mindful, awakened, empathetic, and being aware that are firmly rooted in their identity.

Happiness curriculum primarily focuses on

  • Inculcating critical thinking and Inquiry skills
  • Imbibing efficacious communication skills
  • Enabling students to learn these skills and apply them in problem-solving during conflicting situations
  • Minimise the level of depression and anxiety

Examination/ Assessment

To test the progress of the student on the Happiness Curriculum, the government has planned to follow a mixed methodology with no formal written examination and marks system. But the progress is measured based on the status of happiness using a happiness index. This mainly concentrated on the process rather than the end results. 

Any special preparation for February 24?

The name of the school has such is not disclosed for apparent reasons. But few Delhi schools are starting their decorations and sprucing up. One of the school has already started a fresh coat of paints. Outsiders were kept out while the meeting continued inside the premises. 

Meanwhile, students and teachers were feeling excited in the hope that Melina Trump will visit the schools. According to Kanwalpreet Singh, attendance of the students have heightened. Teachers are communicating with students about special classes. 

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